Tuesday, December 14, 2004

The words I dread the most ....

My dh e-mailed me not to long ago. The e-mail says (and I quote) "not going to be home on time or to put it differently before 9pm. You wouldn't believe my day."
Yeah, yeah ... I'm sure he's had a rough day at work. Probably all the servers died, they screwed up the data on a multi-million dollar job and his boss maybe even yelled at him for not finishing a project that should have been done 2 years ago. I almost feel badly for him.
First of all, it is hardly a night where he is home on time anymore. Second of all, I'm tired of us coming last. When there is a crisis at work, he stays late. They can page him at 2 in the morning. If something happens overnight, he goes in early. Has he not noticed how much his children miss him? Or what about the crisis going on here (most notably the fact that I NEED a break or I will completely snap and it won't look pretty when it happens). Nope, not reason enough to come home, becuase the crisis at work is apparently most important. He does not yet know that his 2 year old went to the store today and we picked out a potty chair (or a potty training as she calls it - and he doens't even know that) and that when we came home from the store, she immediately got naked from the waist down and after a few minutes yelled out "I got my pee-pee's out!" and was sooooo proud of herself. Maybe a small thing in the scheme of the world, but a big thing in this house.
And yes, I know, he works to pay the bills, and he works to provide for us. And working sucks and he has to deal with a lot of crap all day long. But here's the deal: he gets the weekends (usually) off. And I'm upset that I don't get that time off from my job, becuase my job is at home with the kids. And every once in a while I need a break and I need some time off and I need some time away - and he doens't get it and frankly, I don't think he's trying very hard to understand either.
I supose the kids and I will just have to try to find something fun to do tonight becuase I know they will both be very upset with no daddy around here to play with them tonight.

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