Saturday, December 11, 2004

It's beginning to look a lot like ...

Christmas! LOL!
Today we went out and picked out our tree, brought it home and set it up. Right now it only has lights on it, but we're letting the branches fall before we put the ornaments on.
Today I did the girl's Christmas picture. It wasn't exactly what I wanted, but it looks cute and will work none the less. I wanted something more formal than what I got, but I guess fun is always good too!
I started the Christmas cards ... that means I have a rough draft of the letter, I have printed up 2/3rds of the labels (still waiting for lots of addresses!), and I have filled in about 1/3 of the cards on the inside. Now I just have to finish the letter, get it printed, stapled, folded, stuff, lick, stamp and send. My target date is in the mail Tuesday, unless some people have not responded with addresses by then - they get left out LOL!
We did a lot of decorating Thanksgiving wekend, but there is more to go. So tomorrow we will try to get all of that taken care of.
I also have some boxes to decorate (for a group my oldesst dd is part of), gifts to make, gifts to buy, and gifts to wrap.
Hopefully it will all get done by December 24.
I'm much farther now than I was when I started the day so that is a good thing. Tomorrow hopefully I will be able to cross a few more things off the to-do list.
But I have already decided, I will start in about March for next year! I have already set up a few things to make next year easier. ie. I typed out all my addresses in a word document - just ready to be printed for Christmas cards next year. All I will have to do is change anything needing that, add any if needed, and delete any (but I'm hoping that won't happen!). I think next year I will try to do some more homemade stuff so hopefully I can start looking for ideas sooner rather than later. And as far as decorating things go, I've bought a ton this year and I can't imagine needing much for next year except a thing here or there. This means that next year should be easier. I am doing a good job of tracking what works, what doesn't, what is good, what isn't, where to get x, where to get y, and leaving as much ready to go next year as possible ...
Now with that said, I must get back to cards, and then some more wrapping of boxes and if I'm lucky a chance to work on some homemade gifts tonight too!

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