Monday, December 27, 2004

Monday, Monday, Monday!

Monday is my day to think and be introspective and all of that stuff! But before I do that ... let's talk about my trip LOL!

Made it up up there on Christmas day just fine. Well, A was not extremely excited to be in the car, but once we were at the party and she was playing, she was very happy! Sunday we drove to the waterpark (indoors as it was about 0 degrees outside!). The kids played, and played, and played. M fell asleep almost instantly. A was up later, but obviously tired. I enjoyed talking to other family members there!

This morning started out very well. Dh took kids to pool. They were playing just fine. And then A started complaining. I'm cold. I'm hungry. I'm tired. I need a break. We switched pools, to the warmer one. We didn't have food so she decided to just swim a bit more. Then she wanted a break. But once she got out, she didn't want to go back in. So, an hour before planned, we dressed and got on the road to come home. We stopped, literally 1 minute from the hotel to get lunch. A didn't eat. Her tummy didn't feel good she said. Dh and I chalked it up to her being tired and worn out and didn't think much of it. The rest of us ate and we got on the road.

About 30 minutes into the trip, she started crying about her stomach. And then she said it. "I feel like I have to throw up." and it started. Blech. Bbbbllllahhh. It came and came and came. And she cried and cried and cried. And I wanted to cry and cry and cry. And dh, the only one with a helpful thought, drove us off the interstate and to the first hotel we passed.

He paid the front desk guy 20 dollars. He gave us cleaner for the car, towels to clean and allowed us to bring A into the bathroom to change her clothes. And back on the road we were. I suggested we find a store to locate a bucket for her. But dh said "No. I'm sure she got it all up and we have extra towels from the hotel on the off chance it happens again."

2.5 hours later and 5 throw-up episodes we arrived home.

I have one very unhappy little girl, who is sleeping at the moment. She has hardly eaten today and has thrown up quite a few times. Thankfully no fever though. Poor thing was really a trooper on the way home - she threw up in her towel very well and didn't really cry too much.

But we are home: one sick kid, one healthy kid, and 2 tired parents! There are still toys from Christmas morning to put away, some cleaning to do, and laundry from the trip! But all of that can wait until tomorrow. I'd rather spend tonight doing a whole bunch of nothing! LOL!

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