Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Jay Leno ...

I was watching Lay Leno tonight and they did their Jay Walking Tournament. I admit I laugh. It's funny. But it's also sad. Most of what he asks are very basic questions and they can't answer them. I sometimes wonder if people are faking how stupid they are!
I hate to say it but this is why I want to homeschool my kids! I don't want them to have the same sort of education as the people on that show (although I do realize some of the people there were probably homeschooled as well). However, when people tell me my kids won't learn if I keep them home, I think in the future, I will tell the people to watch Jay Leno Jay Walking bits and then tell me how uneducated my kids will be!
Anyway, I'm just ranting becuase some people (and probably not a majority, but unfortunately the most vocal) think that being homeschooled is inferior to those that attend public and private. I don't think it's inferior. I don't even think it's superior in general. I do think it's superior to my children because I can work at their level and their speed and the way they want to work. And my oldest wants to be homeschooled! That is why it's superior for her.
Oh well. I guess I'm just ranting away these days!

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