Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Done! All done!

I bought my last Christmas present today. I am done. Finished. I absolutely refuse to get anything else for Christmas. I do not want to go to a mall again, or a toy store, or any store until, maybe a few weeks before Easter ;-)
Now I have to wrap all the stuff I just got today. And I'm done. With the shopping part that is.
I forgot Christmas is here this year. Oh. Yeah. I'm thrilled. Can you tell? Just in case you can't tell .. I'm not thrilled and it should be read in a very sarcastic tone!
I have known Christmas would be here for a while. And the family has known I won't be here - I will be with other family. I assumed that meant they would provide all the food and stuff. Today I was called and asked what I was planning on having and what needs to be brought by others. Ummm ... how about others bring everything! I'm not ready for this. I want to do nothing and let everyone else do it for me! Tomorrow dh and I will talk about it and figure it all out. He'll be very sensible about it, which is good since right now I am simply in panic mode.

Sometimes I think that next year, we will scale back big time. Fewer gifts, fewer buying. We'll give people cards that say "Instead of buying you presents, we donated money to causes x, y, z" We will sit around and read stories about holidays past as we drink hot cocoa and bake cookies. We won't run around to 2 parties on Christmas eve, drive 6 hours on Christmas day and just go crazy all around.
But I thought the same thing last year, and the year before. And instead of getting smaller and simpler, it gets bigger and more complicated. And I feel badly, becuase in the midst of the crazyness of it, I forget the true spirit of the season and all the joy, peace, love, and goodwill and all that stuff that I should be thinking about; that I want to do instead of all this craziness that is currently happening.

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