Monday, December 13, 2004

Grrr ...


If my keyboard were a wall ... this is what it would like to bang my head against it.

Today I am feeling very frustrated, aggravated, upset, angry, mad, sad, pissed off, anxious, etc, etc, etc. I want to SCREAM VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY LOUDLY! But not today, probably not tomorrow either. Probably no day will I get a chance to just get it all out. Not that anyone cares mind you ... which is part of the problem ... I'm ready to ring my dh's neck. But I'm 99% positive he hasn't noticed which of course I think deserves a big fat @@. Oh well, what can I do? Well I could run upstairs, wake him up, and start yelling - but somehow I think that would make things worse.

On a less depressing note, I do believe I have finally figured out what my talent in life is: to be an infomercial person. I would be so good in one. I have down pat "But what, there's more!" or how about "But wait, it gets even better! If you order in the next 15 minutes, we'll double your order for free!" I could smile and laugh as I demo'd the product in front of my very receptive audience. I would get excited over all it does and look excited and astounded that something that does all of that costs so little! Oh life would be grand in an informercial. Here is the latest infomercial I watched: My oldest dd watched it with me. She was absolutely mesmerized. She could not take her eyes off of it. I asked her if she thought it looked neat and she looked at me as serious as could be and said "Oh yes mom. I want one." You know, for all the cooking my 5 year old does around here, I can see how she would need that! LOL! So I told her I thought it looked neat too and wanted one as well, and lickety split she ran up to tell daddy to buy mommy the bullet for Christmas for her! It was so cute.

Who knows ... maybe the Bullet will be under my tree this year ... but wait, there's more ... maybe I could get the family sized blender too! But wait, that's not all ... maybe I can get the juicer too ... but wait, there's more! If someone buys it for me soon, they can get a second Bullet for free - just pay for shipping and handling - How fun! Who would not want to buy it when you could get all of that for free?! I just don't know!

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