Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Farewell Friend ....

I was sitting down to watch TV tonight. Law and Order was on. And at the start of the show I saw it "Dedicated to Jerry Orbach." What? I thought.
It is true. He passed away last night. I didn't realize it. I'm so sad. I enjoyed him. I liked his character. I even used to watch him on Murder She Wrote! I liked him then too! He was a bit crazy in that show ... but a fun crazy.
His family will be in my thoughts and prayers ....
AOL News - 'Law & Order' Star Jerry Orbach Dies at 69

In more sad news, the death toll from the Earthquake/Tsunami's is climbing rapidly. They are now saying the numbers could top 100,000. Just terrible. It was such a tragedy. It's a shame we couldn't have done more to prevent this to limit the amount of people hurt and killed by it all.
AOL News - Asia Tsunami Death Toll Tops 77,000

To put this in perspective ... the deathtoll for Americans in WWI was 136,616. What was that over a period of 4 years? And it includes (I beleive) the number affected by the influenza. They lost that many people in a day.

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