Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Resolutions ....

Here is the list of things I wanted to accomplish this year! I made the list on 1/14/03. I even put the percent of it happening on the list too!!!

* Organize photos into chronological order and to mark on the back who is in the picture and a date. (80% chance)
I did put them in order. I have not marked them.
* do both kids scrapbooks as well as my wedding book (50% chance)
no progress on this!
* make journals for both girls (20% chance)
no progress on this
* finish a very long on-going cross stitch project (80%)
I completely did this! YEAH
* help my sister with her girl scout badges (25% - I think I am more motivated than she is LOL!!!)
Nothing done ... my sister had no interest
* pretend I am on the show "Clean Sweep' with all the crud in my basement LOL!!! (35% chance)
Did this but only because we moved!
* really organize some very distinct play areas for the girls, especially Abigail (90% chance as my dh is pretty commited to this too)
Not done but becuase we have moved ... we need to do it at the new house now
* save money!! LOL!!!! (100% chance - provided I stick to the budget we made)
We did save some, not as much as we had hoped, but that is becuase we wiped it all out when my dh started a business!
* I have several very important craft type projects that I need to do this year .... 2 blankets for some very important people in my life and a ring bearers pillow for my cousins wedding in July (100% for one blanket, 50% for the other one, and 100% for the pillow)
I did 2 blankets, several booties, 2 ring bearer's pillows!
* Finish the book Les Miserables (I have started it twice and loved it, but about half way through something comes up that sidetracks me so I put it down for such a long time that I have to start over) and read Gone with the Wind (85% for Les Mis and 60% for Gone)
read neither
* really truely organize the entire house. (well since I say it every year and it doesn't get done as I would like it too, I give this one a 10% chance LOL!!!)
I did it in the old house. Still needs to be done here - but it's hard because it's mostly not my house!
* There are so many more little things that I need to do but are important, like cleaning out everyone's closets ... and depending on how much I can get organized maybe a garage sale in there. If we save more money than we planned for - then there will be some home improvement projects to add to the list, but I don't anticipate us saving more than we budgeted for so I'm not planning those things!!! =)

Hmmm ... very interesting! It seems as if my list for the following year will look much the same as the list for the last year! Part of the problem is that I did not revisit the list at all during the past year. I guess this year I need to print it off and post it somewhere where I can see it. Also it's amazing how many things happened this year that were not anticipated last January. I would have never guessed we would be moving, that my dh would have started a business, that Emma would be in therapy, losing my grandma and grandpa etc, etc.

Overall, as I look back on the year, I am pleased with progress made. There were lots of bumps on the way - some little and some very big. And I am still in the process of working on a lot of very emotional and hard to deal with issues for me. I think the focus of the next year will be on me - how I need to change to make my life (and my entire family's life) better and to just be in a better spot emotionally in a year. In that regard I do have high hopes for this coming year as to how I internally am. It does make me a bit nervous about the next year, but overall it will be a very good thing and so I am also excited about it all.

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