Monday, December 20, 2004

Added all this stuff ...

I think I went a little crazy with the blog today and added a couple of new links! LOL! Oh what can I say, other than the fact that I am procrastinating LOL!

Actually, I did 2 things today that I was supposed to do! I did the grocery shopping that I needed to do (and only forgot one item: lunch meat!), and we went through the toys today. We packed up a box plus 2 larger toys to go back to storage and find a small amount that needed to be trashed (if broken or missing parts) or donated. They don't have much here, so there wasn't too much to go through so it was pretty simple. We will swap them out for one of the other boxes in storage (I think we have like 8 boxes of toys in there @@). Probably we should have just donated them all when we moved - or sold them all. Sadly, we probably sold/donated/trashed about 1/3rd of the toys we did own when we moved! They just keep on coming and I'm sure we will get inundated with a bunch more in the coming weeks!

Right now I should be working on one of the two aprons I need to make. That or cleaning. But I look at it this way ... why clean today? The kids will mess it up in five minutes and I'm having a houseful of kids here Wednesday! So I think that can wait until Wednesday night and all day Thursday.

What else ... nothing. Just another day over here. Kind of boring overall!

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