Thursday, December 16, 2004

A Movie I'll not be seeing ..

In November a movie was released. Moviefone: Kinsey
This is NOT a movie I will be seeing or giving my money too.

How the heck can they make this movie about a guy that did some IMO sick, sick, sick things.
Issues & Views: Kinsey: Science or Crime
CWA - The Truth about Alfred Kinsey
I admit, many sites about him are very extreme - either very for or very against him.
I want to know how he got his data on children? What did he do to those children? Did their parents know what was happening and what the research was for? Why are we not looking at the fact that he used known pedophiles for research? I don't think it's a stretch to say they think about sex in a different way than say someone who does not prey on innocent children to take advantage of, trick, screw around with, etc.
I have a feeling his studies would not be allowed to be replicated exactly today becuase they would violate some sort of ethic standards or maybe even the law.
And someone decided to make a movie about him and make him seem like a nice guy? @@ Sick. Sick. Sick.

And how come no one is asking the hard questions? The actors come on talk shows and, well I have yet to see it so if it has happend I didn't see it - they talk about fluff. No one is talking about that I can hear all this bad stuff this guy did. Probably because right now it's all "speculation." But I think it's only fair to portray all opinions of him, and they aren't doing it.


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