Tuesday, November 22, 2005

I'm so ready ....

Despite having 20 days until my due date (oh, no, I'm not keeping track or anything at all LOL!) I am ready to have a baby.
I am emotionally ready and we are physically ready ... we have all the baby stuff, my bag is packed, we have plans and back-up plans for when it happens.
Now from this site: The Final 6 Weeks of Pregnancy: Taking Care of Yourself, and Preparing for Labor
it says:

Signs that Labor May Begin Soon / Has Begun.
Possible Signs that labor may begin in the next few days or weeks.
· Backache: Not the type of backache you have in late pregnancy that changes when you shift position, but an on-going dull ache that makes you restless and irritable. <- I am experiencing this · Cramps. Cramping in your belly that is mild to moderate in discomfort. <- I am experiencing this
· PMS symptoms: crabby, irritable. <- I am experiencing this ·
· Nesting Urge. A sudden irresistible urge to clean, or do projects to prepare for baby. <- I am experiencing this ·
· Frequent, soft bowel movements or diarrhea. Flu-like symptoms. <- I am experiencing this ·
If you have these symptoms, it doesn’t necessarily mean labor is going to start right away. It may be days or weeks before labor begins. These symptoms are just a good reminder to make sure you have everything prepared for labor and birth, and to make sure you know what other signs to be watching for. Don’t get overly excited, just continue your normal routine, get lots of rest, eat and drink well, and take care of yourself.

Preliminary Signs that labor may be about to begin.
· Bloody show. During pregnancy, cervix contains mucus, which may be released in late pregnancy. May be a thick ‘plug’ of pinkish mucus, which might come out when you use the toilet. May be thin, mucousy discharge on toilet paper. If there is more blood than mucus, call caregiver. (Note, it’s common to have a brownish, bloody discharge within 24 hours of a vaginal exam, or intercourse. Don’t mistake this for bloody show.) <- Pretty sure this happened already ·
· Water breaks:
o Trickle or a gush. If it’s just a little mucousy fluid, it may be mucous plug.
o Pay attention to what time it breaks, write down its color, odor, etc.
o Call your doctor. Usually (80% of the time), you will go into labor on your own in the next 24 hours.
· Braxton-Hicks Contractions. Also called “pre-labor” or “false labor” contractions. <- I am experiencing this ·
o Some women never experience these, some women may have them for weeks before labor begins.
o Pre-labor contractions don’t progress: they may be irregular, or may stay same length, strength, and frequency. May last for a short time, or for several hours. Some women even start to develop a pattern: with contractions every 6-7 minutes for 2-3 hours, which then stop again. <- I am experiencing this ·
o Discomfort is mostly felt in the front of the abdomen, as muscles tighten up. May feel like your belly is a basketball. <- I am experiencing this ·
o Contractions may stop if you walk, change position or change activity, eat, drink, or empty bladder.
o ‘False Labor’ doesn’t mean they don’t hurt, and it also doesn’t mean that they’re not doing anything. Although the contractions aren’t dilating your cervix yet, they are helping you to progress in other ways: moving the cervix to an anterior position, ripening and effacing the cervix.

Positive Signs of Labor. Labor has begun.
· Gush of amniotic fluid from vagina.
· Progressing contractions: Get longer, stronger, and/or closer together with time. Are usually described as ‘very strong’ or ‘painful’, felt in the abdomen, back, or both. May start in the back, and radiate around to front. Usually increase if you walk.
· Dilation of cervix seen in vaginal exam.

Okay, I get that having that happen doens't mean labor will start imminently or that labor is even close. But I really really really wish it did LOL!! I know my body is getting ready. Okay, so baby is still sitting high, but not as high as my others were at this point. Baby is head down. Stuff is happening. And no labor.

My dh of course, keeps saying that we will have a Thanksgiving baby (which I have to admit he has said almost since the day we found out I was expecting) so he is sticking to his version of labor. I guess I will just have to laugh if the baby does indeed appear on Thanksgiving. But at the same time, I'm trying ot tell myself the baby will be late, like the other two, and my body is getting ready now because it already knows what to do so it will happen sooner.
But I'm ready now. I've hit that wall ... I'm uncomfortable, I'm tired, I'm crabby, I keep getting all this false labor (which I think if I could just eliminate that I'd be fine becuase when it hits I keep wondering if it will turn into real labor).

Never fear, I won't be doing anything silly to try to get this baby out myself early. In fact, I won't be doing anything to try to get this baby out myself. I may be feeling ready, but I want the baby to be ready. That is more important than my comfort level ... well, at least that's what I say a million and one times a day to get me through the rough spots! Eh, it works sometimes, okay, most of the time it doens't, but I still keep saying it because I do believe it!

And who knows ... maybe my husband is correct. Maybe we will be having a thanksgiving baby afterall ... I suppose though, that means we should pick out names or something soon! LOL!

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Good news!!!

The baby is NOT breech!
The midwife who originally said it was wrong ... and I stand by that, because I have been feeling this baby like crazy to try to figure it out for sure on my own.
I'm still upset about the midwife who said something to begin with about it (and yes, it has been marked in my chart and they know I'm not happy with that particular midwife).

I also gained a few pounds ... my bp was high for me (130/something that I now can't remember), but I know I was nervous about the u/s tonight becuase I was scared the baby would be breech, so we will chalk it up to that unless it's high again next time. My iron was borderline ... 10.1 (they don't want it below 10.0 they said) and 2 weeks ago it was 10.5. We have decided even though I am above 10.0, I'll start iron pills anyway. If nothing else since I have had trouble with losing too much blood with the previous two births, it can't help to bump up my levels now in case history repeats itself!

We went over my birth plan .. and they said everything I had in there was completely reasonable, in line with their philosophy and would not be a problem at this point! Yeah! And if the midwife I saw today is the person who delivers me, she said she is totally open to allowing my dh to get the baby when s/he is born! Dh said he wouldn't mind doing it, but will decide on the spot becuase he wants to be doing what I need him to be doing at the time of birth, but if all goes well he will more than likely catch the baby! I think that is so neat so I really hope it can happen!

So, overall a great appointment and I'm so happy the baby isn't breech. And I swear, if that one midwife is on-call when I start labor I'm crossing my legs ROFL!!!!

We also talked about some other things ... the midwife said that if she had to bet, she doens't think I'll make 40 weeks. She also said in the scheme of things, that means nothing, because obviously we can't see the future, but that's her feeling about me. Of course, dh has been saying that for like a month or 2 months now so he told her he thought they were both right about it ROFL!

We also discussed maybe inducing right at 40 weeks, instead of waiting until 42 (assuming no labor has started at that point). We will not make any formal decisions until my 40 week appointment because 1)their policy is no inductions prior to 40 without a medical necessity (and thankfully I don't have one) and 2)there is no point to plan inducement now if baby comes on his/her own OR I got into labor on my own anyway.
I feel torn. 50% of me says don't induce until 42 weeks because I want to go into labor on my own. But I admit, the other half says, if I'm 40 weeks, I'm looking ready, baby is looking ready, etc, maybe we should induce. My longest labor was 2 hours 45 minutes. My second labor was about 2.5 hours ... but that was from when they artificially broke my membranes until delivery. The catch is that when they broke my water, nothing actually started for about 30-45 minutes? Which means from the first contraction to delivery probably wasn't even a full 2 hours. Now, one fast birth, well, that wouldn't concern me so much, but 2 fast births? I admit I'm nervous I will be delivering on the side of the road. The other upside of the inducement is that way I get to pick who delivers me. Now, there are 8 midwives in the practice who could be on call. 3 I know, recognize and remember their names, 1 I have met for one appointment, but I honestly can't picture her face anymore. 1 is the one I don't like (and although I only saw her for one appointment as well, I certainly remember her and for all the wrong reasons), The rest work very part time and it would be unlikely that they would deliver me, but I haven't yet met them - not even once. So on the small chance that they are on call, well, I will basically have a complete stranger deliver me.
I will really have to think about this over the next month though. She said, even if we decide to induce ... it won't even be talked about until my 40 week appointment. I will really have to weight the pros and cons in my head about what to do now. OR maybe my dh is right, baby will come early, labor will start by itself and no decision will need to be made ROFL!!!! =)

Christmas cards ....

Okay, why are these comments being left with links to christmas cards? I have yet to actually click a link ... but is someone actually inserting it in the comments themselves, or is soem program that has infested the blogger site?

Monday, November 07, 2005

A good day!

Today was a good day for us!
We went and did the baby shopping we needed to (which really, wasn't that much, but we did get the basinette, which was the big thing I wanted). Okay. I am in love with my basinette. I just love it! LOL! Of course, it is all set-up and in our room, just waiting for a baby to be put in it! =)
I also hit the fabric store .. I have a few things I want to make.
And we went to Best Buy to get something and dh bought my Christmas present ... of course I have to wait until Christmas to get it and now, there is no surprise, but you know what, it's something I really wanted, and well, he can surprise me next year.

The bad news we heard today is that the gp's are probably not going to Florida this winter. First of all, I worry about their mobility once snow comes. Second, grandpa is prone to flu and pneumonia. And third, I'm selfish adn was looking forward to the house to ourselves. With a new baby coming and trying to figure out how the family will work with the new little one, it was just going to be nice to have our own space, our own house, our own room and all that jazz. Not to mention I didn't want to stress about the baby waking them in the middle of the night, or getting dressed for the first few weeks. I will be sleep deprived, not at my best, and just feeling tired I'm sure, and now they will be here to see it all. Not that they are looking over my shoulder to scrutinize me, but they will be here, looking over my shoulder none-the-less. I really hope that something happens and they do end up going, even if they leave late (which they already are since they usually go in mid-October to now) and we know they will be here at least through Thanksgiving.
On the good news, dh did some more work with his new business today and he is ready to take off with it. I have been doing what I can to help out (I even approached someone about it directly, which I was sooooo nervous about and good thing it was just through e-mail otehrwise I might have had a panic attack thinking about it!). LOL! But I did it, and even if that "lead" (I hate referring to a person as a lead -it's so impersonal :-( ) doens't work out, that's fine! I did try. Of course I want this to be successful because one - it means I get my new seewing machine (ROFL!), two - money won't be so tight around here and three - in the next 12 months we HAVE to either buy this house or buy another house. And frankly, I want some extra money to save towards the purchase of a house (and hopefully this house). So I am doing what I can to try to help this be successful. And we know several people now who have been successful with doing it so far, so that is exciting! I just hope and pray it works because it will go a long way for us, even with just a small income amount each month. So, here's hoping it works for us like it has for those we know! LOL!

Friday, November 04, 2005

Long week ...

This has been a long week for me. I don't know if I have a cold or if it's the pregnancy or what, but I feel like crud. I have been throwing up again :-( When I'm not throwing up, I just feel naseous anyway. No food tastes good, nothing settles my stomach. I have huge hot flashes and then all of a sudden I'll be freezing and then back to feeling like I'm standing in a fire.
I talked to my pcp, she said she is a bit worried because when I was there last week my blood sugar was quite low so she told me to modify my diet to raise it and keep it more steady. And hopefully that will help the way I am feeling. So I guess starting today I will be watching what I eat a lot more carefully - not that any food sounds good to me anymore right now though.
Tomorrow dh and I are supposed to go shopping for baby things that we need, so that will be done. Hard to imagine that on Monday I will be 35 weeks along! That's pretty darn close ... 5-7 weeks to go. Yikes! Next Friday I will get my ultrasound to see babies position since they aren't quite sure and one thinks baby is breech (I don't think so though!) But if baby is breech, then we will schedule the version which means baby could theoretically be here in 2-3 weeks. That's really soon. I don't know if I'm ready ....
Other than that, we are just plugging along each day. My oldest completely finished her Awana book for the year and is so proud of herself. I'm proud of her too ... lots of things she memorized and she can say about 95% of them still (which I was worried that she would memorize them for the one night and then forget them, but that seems to not be the case).
My youngest started a park district class this week and is so proud of herself and loving it. I think it's cute =) And I'm glad she is enjoying it.

And here is my dh's new website: http://www.xoomaworldwide.com/EBLCreative
We have spoken to a few people who are actually making money now too so that is good news. We have both tried the X2O now and it doesn't taste bad or gross or yucky! I use one sachet a day myself ... I figure if anything it's worth it to me for the calcium alone. Since I don't drink milk, I gotta get it in other places! LOL!
Anyway, like I said, we'll see what happens with this ... of course I want it to work because then I get a big toy that I want ;-) Teheheeh!

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

I survived!

Yes, I survived! The party was a success, although the birthday girl showed up an hour late ::sigh::
But it was still a success none-the-less and I survived! The clean-up was not so bad. A few people helped and what was left was quite manageable. Although admittedly, I did not vacuum until this morning and just skipped it yesterday.
It was a nice party, she was quite surprised, and I think everyone had a good time. But I am glad it is over. It really did wear me out. And the morning on Sunday had a few snags (I was fighting back tears at least 3 times). Once the party started and things were going, I sat in a room where I could be almost isolated. A few people came in and and chatted with me for a bit, but basically I just wanted to sit and unwind and honestly, I was not in the mood for socialization! LOL! But overall it was a good party.

Yesterday was another long day of course with trick or treating. We were out for about an hour getting candy and then came home and had pizza. We walked with an aunt and 3 of her kids and the neighbors with their 2 kids. So everyone had fun getting candy and dressing up and all that jazz!
But by the time we got home I was glad because the baby was starting to feel pretty darn heavy by that time.

Then my husband was so cute. He worked late last night (Mondays he works 12-8 instead of a 9-5 shift). So he called to say good-night to the girls and after he talked with them he chatted with me. Our conversation:
Him: "How are you feeling tonight? I'm sure you're glad that it's bedtime after the last few days but how are you doing?"
Me: "I'm good, just tired is all."
Him: "So, you don't think you're going to go into labor or anything like that with all you've been doing for the last week?"
Me: "No! I'm pretty sure there will be no labor coming in the next few weeks but thanks for asking!"
I got a chuckle out of it all and I thought it was pretty cute and sweet of him. I think he's really worried about when this baby is coming. This weekend we are heading to Babies-R-Us to get as many of the things for baby as we can get. I'm kind of glad because I'm ready to get things ready for this baby. And I think it's cute he's so worried about it and just wants to get everything ready now just in case. It's why I love him so much though =)

And on the good side, one of his part-time jobs has ended completely and the other part-time job he is done with 95% of what he needs to do. So now we should have more time ... although his Xooma water mix came yesterday so he'll start to work on that, but I don't anticipate that taking too much time honestly. Maybe initially, but I'm not worried about it. I think the key is to get a good base of customers that will re-order. It is interesting. We have our samples we will be trying later today to see how it tastes. I'm curious ... it has calcium, magnesium and a bunch of other stuff in it, and if it tastes good, I think I might start to drink it! It looks interesting and so we'll see how it goes!