Monday, November 07, 2005

A good day!

Today was a good day for us!
We went and did the baby shopping we needed to (which really, wasn't that much, but we did get the basinette, which was the big thing I wanted). Okay. I am in love with my basinette. I just love it! LOL! Of course, it is all set-up and in our room, just waiting for a baby to be put in it! =)
I also hit the fabric store .. I have a few things I want to make.
And we went to Best Buy to get something and dh bought my Christmas present ... of course I have to wait until Christmas to get it and now, there is no surprise, but you know what, it's something I really wanted, and well, he can surprise me next year.

The bad news we heard today is that the gp's are probably not going to Florida this winter. First of all, I worry about their mobility once snow comes. Second, grandpa is prone to flu and pneumonia. And third, I'm selfish adn was looking forward to the house to ourselves. With a new baby coming and trying to figure out how the family will work with the new little one, it was just going to be nice to have our own space, our own house, our own room and all that jazz. Not to mention I didn't want to stress about the baby waking them in the middle of the night, or getting dressed for the first few weeks. I will be sleep deprived, not at my best, and just feeling tired I'm sure, and now they will be here to see it all. Not that they are looking over my shoulder to scrutinize me, but they will be here, looking over my shoulder none-the-less. I really hope that something happens and they do end up going, even if they leave late (which they already are since they usually go in mid-October to now) and we know they will be here at least through Thanksgiving.
On the good news, dh did some more work with his new business today and he is ready to take off with it. I have been doing what I can to help out (I even approached someone about it directly, which I was sooooo nervous about and good thing it was just through e-mail otehrwise I might have had a panic attack thinking about it!). LOL! But I did it, and even if that "lead" (I hate referring to a person as a lead -it's so impersonal :-( ) doens't work out, that's fine! I did try. Of course I want this to be successful because one - it means I get my new seewing machine (ROFL!), two - money won't be so tight around here and three - in the next 12 months we HAVE to either buy this house or buy another house. And frankly, I want some extra money to save towards the purchase of a house (and hopefully this house). So I am doing what I can to try to help this be successful. And we know several people now who have been successful with doing it so far, so that is exciting! I just hope and pray it works because it will go a long way for us, even with just a small income amount each month. So, here's hoping it works for us like it has for those we know! LOL!

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