Tuesday, November 22, 2005

I'm so ready ....

Despite having 20 days until my due date (oh, no, I'm not keeping track or anything at all LOL!) I am ready to have a baby.
I am emotionally ready and we are physically ready ... we have all the baby stuff, my bag is packed, we have plans and back-up plans for when it happens.
Now from this site: The Final 6 Weeks of Pregnancy: Taking Care of Yourself, and Preparing for Labor
it says:

Signs that Labor May Begin Soon / Has Begun.
Possible Signs that labor may begin in the next few days or weeks.
· Backache: Not the type of backache you have in late pregnancy that changes when you shift position, but an on-going dull ache that makes you restless and irritable. <- I am experiencing this · Cramps. Cramping in your belly that is mild to moderate in discomfort. <- I am experiencing this
· PMS symptoms: crabby, irritable. <- I am experiencing this ·
· Nesting Urge. A sudden irresistible urge to clean, or do projects to prepare for baby. <- I am experiencing this ·
· Frequent, soft bowel movements or diarrhea. Flu-like symptoms. <- I am experiencing this ·
If you have these symptoms, it doesn’t necessarily mean labor is going to start right away. It may be days or weeks before labor begins. These symptoms are just a good reminder to make sure you have everything prepared for labor and birth, and to make sure you know what other signs to be watching for. Don’t get overly excited, just continue your normal routine, get lots of rest, eat and drink well, and take care of yourself.

Preliminary Signs that labor may be about to begin.
· Bloody show. During pregnancy, cervix contains mucus, which may be released in late pregnancy. May be a thick ‘plug’ of pinkish mucus, which might come out when you use the toilet. May be thin, mucousy discharge on toilet paper. If there is more blood than mucus, call caregiver. (Note, it’s common to have a brownish, bloody discharge within 24 hours of a vaginal exam, or intercourse. Don’t mistake this for bloody show.) <- Pretty sure this happened already ·
· Water breaks:
o Trickle or a gush. If it’s just a little mucousy fluid, it may be mucous plug.
o Pay attention to what time it breaks, write down its color, odor, etc.
o Call your doctor. Usually (80% of the time), you will go into labor on your own in the next 24 hours.
· Braxton-Hicks Contractions. Also called “pre-labor” or “false labor” contractions. <- I am experiencing this ·
o Some women never experience these, some women may have them for weeks before labor begins.
o Pre-labor contractions don’t progress: they may be irregular, or may stay same length, strength, and frequency. May last for a short time, or for several hours. Some women even start to develop a pattern: with contractions every 6-7 minutes for 2-3 hours, which then stop again. <- I am experiencing this ·
o Discomfort is mostly felt in the front of the abdomen, as muscles tighten up. May feel like your belly is a basketball. <- I am experiencing this ·
o Contractions may stop if you walk, change position or change activity, eat, drink, or empty bladder.
o ‘False Labor’ doesn’t mean they don’t hurt, and it also doesn’t mean that they’re not doing anything. Although the contractions aren’t dilating your cervix yet, they are helping you to progress in other ways: moving the cervix to an anterior position, ripening and effacing the cervix.

Positive Signs of Labor. Labor has begun.
· Gush of amniotic fluid from vagina.
· Progressing contractions: Get longer, stronger, and/or closer together with time. Are usually described as ‘very strong’ or ‘painful’, felt in the abdomen, back, or both. May start in the back, and radiate around to front. Usually increase if you walk.
· Dilation of cervix seen in vaginal exam.

Okay, I get that having that happen doens't mean labor will start imminently or that labor is even close. But I really really really wish it did LOL!! I know my body is getting ready. Okay, so baby is still sitting high, but not as high as my others were at this point. Baby is head down. Stuff is happening. And no labor.

My dh of course, keeps saying that we will have a Thanksgiving baby (which I have to admit he has said almost since the day we found out I was expecting) so he is sticking to his version of labor. I guess I will just have to laugh if the baby does indeed appear on Thanksgiving. But at the same time, I'm trying ot tell myself the baby will be late, like the other two, and my body is getting ready now because it already knows what to do so it will happen sooner.
But I'm ready now. I've hit that wall ... I'm uncomfortable, I'm tired, I'm crabby, I keep getting all this false labor (which I think if I could just eliminate that I'd be fine becuase when it hits I keep wondering if it will turn into real labor).

Never fear, I won't be doing anything silly to try to get this baby out myself early. In fact, I won't be doing anything to try to get this baby out myself. I may be feeling ready, but I want the baby to be ready. That is more important than my comfort level ... well, at least that's what I say a million and one times a day to get me through the rough spots! Eh, it works sometimes, okay, most of the time it doens't, but I still keep saying it because I do believe it!

And who knows ... maybe my husband is correct. Maybe we will be having a thanksgiving baby afterall ... I suppose though, that means we should pick out names or something soon! LOL!


Anonymous said...

Brandie I hope you get your Thanksgiving baby!! I gotta tell you though, I had a lot of these symptoms at the end of my pregnancies, and they were all late. I was induced at 11 days after my due date with Sam! The doctors tried to tell me I was 18 days late going by my LMP date. I knew I ovulated a week late, so I was ONLY (LOL) 11 days late. The doctors about had a heart attack that I was so late and was pushing off being induced. Finally I had enough and gave in. Like I said before, I hope this little one does not make you wait much longer! Good luck!

Mel said...

The end is near! So drink lots of water and get as much rest as you can. Soon, you'll have a baby and a birth story to tell! Hang in there. :)

Leslie M. said...

Hey Brandie ......
For some reason, I've been thinking & prayin about you & the baby the last few days ...... so I just wanted to come on by here & check up on ya!!!!!! ; ) Post whenever ya get a moment to spare ........ I'm so anxious to hear what's going on over there! ; D

Anonymous said...

Just a reader but curious..Have yu recieved your GIFT from GOD yet??