Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Good news!!!

The baby is NOT breech!
The midwife who originally said it was wrong ... and I stand by that, because I have been feeling this baby like crazy to try to figure it out for sure on my own.
I'm still upset about the midwife who said something to begin with about it (and yes, it has been marked in my chart and they know I'm not happy with that particular midwife).

I also gained a few pounds ... my bp was high for me (130/something that I now can't remember), but I know I was nervous about the u/s tonight becuase I was scared the baby would be breech, so we will chalk it up to that unless it's high again next time. My iron was borderline ... 10.1 (they don't want it below 10.0 they said) and 2 weeks ago it was 10.5. We have decided even though I am above 10.0, I'll start iron pills anyway. If nothing else since I have had trouble with losing too much blood with the previous two births, it can't help to bump up my levels now in case history repeats itself!

We went over my birth plan .. and they said everything I had in there was completely reasonable, in line with their philosophy and would not be a problem at this point! Yeah! And if the midwife I saw today is the person who delivers me, she said she is totally open to allowing my dh to get the baby when s/he is born! Dh said he wouldn't mind doing it, but will decide on the spot becuase he wants to be doing what I need him to be doing at the time of birth, but if all goes well he will more than likely catch the baby! I think that is so neat so I really hope it can happen!

So, overall a great appointment and I'm so happy the baby isn't breech. And I swear, if that one midwife is on-call when I start labor I'm crossing my legs ROFL!!!!

We also talked about some other things ... the midwife said that if she had to bet, she doens't think I'll make 40 weeks. She also said in the scheme of things, that means nothing, because obviously we can't see the future, but that's her feeling about me. Of course, dh has been saying that for like a month or 2 months now so he told her he thought they were both right about it ROFL!

We also discussed maybe inducing right at 40 weeks, instead of waiting until 42 (assuming no labor has started at that point). We will not make any formal decisions until my 40 week appointment because 1)their policy is no inductions prior to 40 without a medical necessity (and thankfully I don't have one) and 2)there is no point to plan inducement now if baby comes on his/her own OR I got into labor on my own anyway.
I feel torn. 50% of me says don't induce until 42 weeks because I want to go into labor on my own. But I admit, the other half says, if I'm 40 weeks, I'm looking ready, baby is looking ready, etc, maybe we should induce. My longest labor was 2 hours 45 minutes. My second labor was about 2.5 hours ... but that was from when they artificially broke my membranes until delivery. The catch is that when they broke my water, nothing actually started for about 30-45 minutes? Which means from the first contraction to delivery probably wasn't even a full 2 hours. Now, one fast birth, well, that wouldn't concern me so much, but 2 fast births? I admit I'm nervous I will be delivering on the side of the road. The other upside of the inducement is that way I get to pick who delivers me. Now, there are 8 midwives in the practice who could be on call. 3 I know, recognize and remember their names, 1 I have met for one appointment, but I honestly can't picture her face anymore. 1 is the one I don't like (and although I only saw her for one appointment as well, I certainly remember her and for all the wrong reasons), The rest work very part time and it would be unlikely that they would deliver me, but I haven't yet met them - not even once. So on the small chance that they are on call, well, I will basically have a complete stranger deliver me.
I will really have to think about this over the next month though. She said, even if we decide to induce ... it won't even be talked about until my 40 week appointment. I will really have to weight the pros and cons in my head about what to do now. OR maybe my dh is right, baby will come early, labor will start by itself and no decision will need to be made ROFL!!!! =)

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Why am I thinking you're going to have a boy and name him, Jacob?