Tuesday, November 01, 2005

I survived!

Yes, I survived! The party was a success, although the birthday girl showed up an hour late ::sigh::
But it was still a success none-the-less and I survived! The clean-up was not so bad. A few people helped and what was left was quite manageable. Although admittedly, I did not vacuum until this morning and just skipped it yesterday.
It was a nice party, she was quite surprised, and I think everyone had a good time. But I am glad it is over. It really did wear me out. And the morning on Sunday had a few snags (I was fighting back tears at least 3 times). Once the party started and things were going, I sat in a room where I could be almost isolated. A few people came in and and chatted with me for a bit, but basically I just wanted to sit and unwind and honestly, I was not in the mood for socialization! LOL! But overall it was a good party.

Yesterday was another long day of course with trick or treating. We were out for about an hour getting candy and then came home and had pizza. We walked with an aunt and 3 of her kids and the neighbors with their 2 kids. So everyone had fun getting candy and dressing up and all that jazz!
But by the time we got home I was glad because the baby was starting to feel pretty darn heavy by that time.

Then my husband was so cute. He worked late last night (Mondays he works 12-8 instead of a 9-5 shift). So he called to say good-night to the girls and after he talked with them he chatted with me. Our conversation:
Him: "How are you feeling tonight? I'm sure you're glad that it's bedtime after the last few days but how are you doing?"
Me: "I'm good, just tired is all."
Him: "So, you don't think you're going to go into labor or anything like that with all you've been doing for the last week?"
Me: "No! I'm pretty sure there will be no labor coming in the next few weeks but thanks for asking!"
I got a chuckle out of it all and I thought it was pretty cute and sweet of him. I think he's really worried about when this baby is coming. This weekend we are heading to Babies-R-Us to get as many of the things for baby as we can get. I'm kind of glad because I'm ready to get things ready for this baby. And I think it's cute he's so worried about it and just wants to get everything ready now just in case. It's why I love him so much though =)

And on the good side, one of his part-time jobs has ended completely and the other part-time job he is done with 95% of what he needs to do. So now we should have more time ... although his Xooma water mix came yesterday so he'll start to work on that, but I don't anticipate that taking too much time honestly. Maybe initially, but I'm not worried about it. I think the key is to get a good base of customers that will re-order. It is interesting. We have our samples we will be trying later today to see how it tastes. I'm curious ... it has calcium, magnesium and a bunch of other stuff in it, and if it tastes good, I think I might start to drink it! It looks interesting and so we'll see how it goes!

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