Sunday, October 30, 2005

Almost there ...

In just over 12 hours, it will be party time.
I am feeling good about this party. The cake has been picked up. All the major cleaning has been done (tomorrow we will have to go over a few surfaces just to touch up and vacuum, but that's it for cleaning).
That means the big thing tomorrow will be setting up furniture (moving a few things around and putting up table/chairs), picking up the food, preparing food that we didn't buy (which I did most of it tonight), decorating and hopefully just enjoying the party.

Here's the thing that kind of sucks. My oldest dd's birthday was Friday. We did what we could to make her day special of course. We met daddy at work and did lunch with him (since he did not get home until after her bed time), she got a present from us and a present from her sister. We sang to her, she got some phone calls, not a bad day. But not a great day :-( No cake for her on that day and I'm kind of sad about it. The good news is that she is not sad! And she knows she is having a party in a few weeks for close family. So that is the good news. I just feel like in the craziness of everything else, her birthday took a back seat to it all. Well, I don't feel like that happened. I know it happened. I'm glad she doesn't mind. She is actually very excited about the surprise party tomorrow, which makes me happy! And in a few weeks we will have balloons and cake and ice cream for her, and she is happy so I should be happy too.

Anyway, here's hoping I survive tomorrow! And it all goes as planned and nothing happens to derail anything!


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Jan said...

Christmas will be here before we know it. My how time flies! I just love this time of year – a time of Christmas cards, gift giving and parties. Sometimes it is overwhelming. I love it though. I have stopped by your blog form time to time and have really enjoyed reading your posts. I just wanted to finally say hi, and happy holidays to you!