Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Close ...

Not an actual ear infection, but she said it was benign ::insert some word similar to position here that i can't remember:: vertigo due to inflamation in the inner ear. Basically, the crystal/fluids in my inner ear aren't working and hence the spinning. And apparently I have a cold on top of it that just started at the same time? I get to take lovely motion sickness pills for it for the next 10 days. She drew blood to double check something (I think she said electrolytes) and I'll go back in a week to make sure all is okey-dokey.
The lovely (said sarcastically) part was that she whipped my head a couple of times to check for reactions! When she did it to the right I thougth I was going to die! LOL! But at least we know what it is and hopefully the spinning feeling will stop!

And on another note, that I forgot to mention yesterday ... my dh signed up to sell a product for a company that does work at home type jobs. The start-up fee was 50 bucks and he will need to make 100 calls to get started ... so not too much money and just a bit of time. He decided to do it becuase *if this can make money, he can take the job he really wants (but isn't offering him enough money to make it feasible to actually take it without getting a second job). So, his uncle told him about it, and he decided why not? It isn't too risky really. We won't become millionares and don't expect to rake in that much (although according to their sales pitch, we could make 100,000 a year with only a few hours a week of work! Which both of us doubt that will happen! LOL!) But it should help and maybe he can take his dream job afterall. But, he said, if he can make 10,000 (unless it takes like 5 years) then he will buy me the embroidery machine I want with the money!! Woo-hoo! I told him he only said that with the hopes that I might help him out with it! ROFL! Because I originally said that I he could do it all he wanted, but I didn't want to help out at all ... but with the posibility of a new machine, well, how could I not help out. Sneaky little devil! So here's to hoping that this works and actually makes money (not a million, but enough for him to be able to take his dream job and me to get my machine) ... and hey, if you are interested in making money while working from home, let me know! I'll update in a month maybe to say if he is actually making money and how it is going, and seriously ... if it is going well and you are interested, let's talk! LOL! =)

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