Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Getting kind of stressed ...

Okay, big party is on Sunday .. that's not even a full week away! I'm starting to feel really stressed about it all! I have the basement pretty much ready to go (which was the one spot in the house that required more than just moving a few peices of furniture and regular cleaning) so that is good, becuase that is the big thing I needed to have done. Now it's just cleaning the first floor and second floor this week. And the garage needs to be done. Ugh. That will be quite a chore, and one I cannot physically do by myself frankly.
the good news is that I have help lined up to come over Sunday morning. I will do all that I can prior to that, but basically I'm leaving the garage for him to do.
Of course, this whole week is so busy anyway, even without a party to get ready for. But if I can survive this week, I think the rest of the year will be easy by comparison LOL!
Of course, next week, we will be kicking into getting ready for baby mode. Dh will have only one job starting Monday (poor guy's been doing 1 full time and 2 part time jobs!) so he will finally really be here. I'm pretty sure baby is still breech. Which is annoying as I've been doing all the breech turning exercises ... that claim to have 80-90% success rate in only 5 days. @@ Well apparently not for me. (and oh, no more laying on an ironing board for me. I switched to other exercises to do that seemed less dangerous!) We'll see what they say on Friday. I'll get to see probably another midwife I've never met before and get yet a third opinion about it. My guess is the next one will probably not worry too much - seeing as I'll be 33W4D and my guess is she'll say don't worry until 36/37 weeks. But last time I was 31W4D and that midwife seemed all worried about it and wanted me to try to get baby turned before the next appointment.
Oh well.
Anyway, it seems my week this week will be full of cleaning, errand-running, shopping, AND the same old activities: ballet, PT, midwife appointment, watching other kids AND we have granny's birthday, my oldest dd's birthday, and a birthday party to attend on Saturday. I'm dreading it all already! LOL!

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Sis said...

Sounds like a busy week....those are my favorite kind. Have fun and try not to over do it (easy for me to say,lol).