Saturday, October 15, 2005

Misc. Items ...

Well, let's see. Time is for me, thankfully, starting to fly by.
Where to begin? Well, I have my oldest dd's 6th birthday on the 28th, I'm helping throw a surprise 40th birthday party on the 30th (but really, I'm helping a 14 year old throw it, so basically I'm doing most of it LOL!), then we have Halloween on the 31. For the rest of October I have PT appointments weekly. I have another midwife appointment on the 28. My oldest has classes every Monday from 10-2, then she has ballet on Thursday early evening, Awana Thursday evenings. We school Tuesday-Friday, and lately have been also doing things on the weekends. Now, this is all combined with normal household items - cleaning, laundry, and planning what exactly we will be doing for school.
Not to mention this month, I need to get oldest dd's pictures taken, although I have started Christmas shopping, I need to get going on that. I want to have the address lables for Christmas cards/birth announcements done.
Then we hit November. I am positive my PT will continue weekly through November, as well as classes, ballet, Awana, and our school work. I will need to finish up any Christmas shopping I have not yet completed, schedule (or take myself) pictures to go in Christmas cards, do all the Christmas cards, wrap all Christmas presents, get baby items set-up and ready to go. Not to mention, Thanksgiving happens around then. And I will go back to the midwife for the 2nd week fo November, and at that point, I will switch to weekly appointments! (Yes, I will just be living at various medical professional offices) as I also have a cavity I need to take care of. After Thanksgiving, it will be time to decorate for Christmas, and towards the start of November, the gp's will be leaving for Florida, so I will be in charge of cooking again!
Then we hit December. All Christmas stuff must be finished. School, awana, ballet, and classes will continue. Mailing of Christmas letters (and finishing them up if necessary will need to take place). I presume, but am not sure I will continue with PT, and weekly midwife appointments. Should the baby not arrive by December 12, I begin twice-weekly midwife appointments. Dh's family is over here for Christmas eve, so with or without baby, getting ready for that and planning all that I can in advance. And provided baby doesn't come 2 weeks late (which I'm not holding my breath for) I will have an infant to take care of. The person who is supposed to take my kids when I go to have baby may now be moving so maybe won't be able to take them! So, I have to find a plan 2 - although I know the neighbor across the street would help out and I have another aunt I can call should I need to, and my parents will help out as well, although they are far away, so it would require shuffling of the kids!
OMG! That is a lot to do, and I'm sure that's not even most of it, if half of it! But the good news is that it's keeping me busy. And it's kind of nice to have a lot of things to do becuase it is helping the time fly by.
Right now I am trying to get this basement in order (where most of our stuff is) because it doens't require a lot of moving things around so much as finding a spot for everything and putting it away in a neat and organized fashion (yes, that is a difficult concept for me LOL!). Not only that, but my kids know that in the next week (and hopefully tomorrow) we will be sorting through all of their toys ... to put them away nicely and to pick some to get rid of. We are overflowing again and we need to thin things out. Then the big thing will be to do a deep cleaning of this house for the big birthday party on the 30th. Which should tide us over until deep cleaning for the Christmas party.
In November when dh doesn't have to work every single day, 7 days a week, we will rearrange our room and set-up areas for baby to 1)sleep and 2)put baby's clothes and items! And he'll probably have a list of things to fix, repair, change, and help me with at that point!
Hmmm ... not sure there is enough things to do right now. Maybe I should add more things to my plate (actually, I might add a bday party for my oldest but I'm not sure LOL!)
Okay ... off to get some work done I guess! I surely have enough things to keep me busy! LOL!

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