Tuesday, October 18, 2005

More complaining ...

Geeze, at this point, some of you probably think that's all I do these days! Granted, I do do my fair share of complaining, I don't do it all the time, but I try to get it all out here if possible LOL!
Anyway, I was sick over the weekend. It wasn't pleasant, let's put it that way. And I had to stay near the bathroom. And I had a lot of cramping, which did slightly worry me. Other people in my house have been sick, but nothing of the stomach virus until it apparently hit me, and well, of course these days no matter what happens, my first thought is if labor is coming! But alas, I was just sick. It passed and yesterday I was okay, but tired. Then at dinner, my stomach felt like it was going to explode. Then a little while later I could feel my sinus's dripping. At around 3 am, as I was still tossing and turning I felt the sore throat start, swallowing became painful and a headache started. Ugh. Why me? Why 2 different virus/colds in just a short week? I think I have enough going on right now with the back pain, pelvic pain, skin stretching, not being able to fit even some of my maternity clothes, being kicked and punched from the inside out and all that jazz! So today the goal is to drink tons and tons of water, rest a lot, and maybe breath some steam should my throat get even more sore.

On top of all of that, I decided to start my exercises to turn a breech baby. I don't know why honestly. I only hit 32 weeks yesterday. But at my last appointment, the midwife told me to start them now and made a huge deal out of the fact that the baby was probably still breech. Of course, when I went there at 29 weeks, the other midwife seemed to think it was no big deal until at least 36 weeks and I really didn't need to do anything about it -- how's that for opposite ends of the spectrum with the breech issue? But I guess the exercises can't hurt and so I figured I would start them. Yeah, laying on an ironing board, upside down ... ummm, who ever the heck decided that would be a wise thing to advise a pregnant woman to do? Well, first of all, I could barely get on it and lay down without killing myself. Then I had huge blood rush to my head after only a few moments and getting off of the iron board was probably slightly more dangerous than getting on it. And they want me to do that 2-3 times a day for 10-15 minutes?! I don't think so. I will look into some of the other exercises recommended to try to turn a breech baby. Which is almost silly, as I think the baby is head down already and I don't believe I'm far enough along to even worry about it. But I'll play along as long as it doesn't require an ironing board anymore! LOL!
Which of course leads me to the next point, If I were not 32 weeks already and closer to 20 weeks, I think I would honestly switch practices. I'm not happy with this one anymore. On the very weird off chance I should ever become pregnant again (which has about as much chance of happening as pigs flying according to my husband) I would not go back. When I started there in April, they had 4 midwives. Great. It was larger than what I wanted, but I did want to have midwifery care with this pregnancy and so I was willing to compromise on having 2, maybe 3 care givers and go with 4. Well 2 of the mdwives delivered babies this summer, so they brought in 2 more midwives to use during their maternity leave and are keeping them on when the other 2 return (which they probably have or will be doing soon). So, the total was 6. Then at one point I went in and noticed they hired 2 more. Putting them at 8. Then they added one more. There are now 9 midwives there. Each one has a slightly different philosophy than the others and some have wildly differently philosophies from each other. I still have not even met all 9 midwives and we're 8 weeks from my due date. I do not like having 9 people ... I hardly know any of them and were I to go into labor now, I would probably not be able to link the faces of the midwives to their names, nor do I think I would even recognize all but 2 or 3 of them by face. I do not like it one bit. I was talking to dh about it last night, and he agrees that there are too many opinions and too many people and even he asked if it was too late to switch to another practice. I was talking to someone else who uses them for a current pregnancy and she is feeling in a similar manner to me - too many people, too many opinions, and not a feeling of continuity in care. Ugh. I don't want to have to worry about it. And I'm banking on a short labor like the other two, and at this point, I will rely mostly on dh to get me through it. But I am very unhappy with my care. I am going to discuss this issue with htem (probably via letter). My dh even had a great idea. He thinks they should break into 3 teams of 3 midwives and each patient should be assigned a team. Then you would just wokr with those 3 midwives for most of the pregnancy so you can feel like you actually get to know the person who will be delivering your baby. Sounds like a nice idea to me frankly! I would be a lot happier with a method like that!

Okay ... anyway, I think that's enough babbling and venting and complaining from me right now! I'm off to try to get some more rest and feel better!


Sis said...

I wouldn't be able to get my non pregnant arse upside down on an ironing board...wth? LOL!! Hang in there sugarplum.

HomeJewel said...

I would change care providers in a heartbeat if I felt at all uneasy about anything. It is so important to feel confident about your choice in care provider - you only get one shot at this. Why risk it with someone you may not even know?