Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Here we go again ...

I'm sick ... again.
What is going on? I think this pregnancy has killed my immune system. I'm not very happy about this at all.
I'm pretty sure it's an inner ear infection. I will go to my primary care physician tomorrow am to make sure and get some meds for it. I'm sure it would go away on it's own without meds, the problem is I think it's inner ear because I'm getting dizzy spells. I feel like I'm on a boat and it's a rocking and a rolling. It just hits me out of nowhere. One minute I'm fine and the next I'm bracing myself. Not that I get so dizzy that I feel like I'm going to fall down or pass out or anything like that, but it's enough to make it hard to do anything really constructive. I had to stop school with my dd today because I couldn't really read anything to her! But we were able to finish later (the beauty of homeschooling!). I did get a lot of good cleaning done today as well. So, I'm on track with my schedule for the party, which is good. One less thing to worry about over the next few days ... as long as I can keep on my schedule, all things will be good. And I was supposed to be out of the house for a good portion of tomorrow, but I cancelled it all (yeah, I figured not driving while getting random dizzy spells might be a wise decision!) So I will try to push through a bunch of laundry tomorrow and get ahead on the whole cleaning schedule. It's so sad that is the most exciting news in my life right now I think!
Anyway, my White Sox are finally about to win game number 3(I hope anyway ... provided they can keep the Astros from scoring) so with that I'm off and hopefully going to bed soon!)

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