Monday, October 10, 2005

So not ready ...

My dh has been talking about looking into getting a new job. He even already had one interview. I've known for some time he has been unhappy at his current job. I understand. Sometimes I hate his job! So it's no wonder that he would dislike it too.
And it's not even that he dislikes it per se. But the hours are very inconvenient and the atmosphere isn't exactly ideal. He really actually enjoys the work, just not the time and the atmosphere in which he must complete the work.
Anyway, we've talked about it. We've discussed. He told me he was going to discuss it with his current boss. I agreed it would be a wise idea. Except I thought, when he said he was going to discuss it with his boss, he meant he would tell his boss the time/environment was becoming an issue and see what happened from there ...
He meant that he was going to tell his boss he needed to be replaced. So my dh has now given notice to his current company. The deal is that he's giving them 2 weeks until he starts to look for new work. While he is looking, they will theoretically be looking for his replacement (but someone else important in the company left not too long ago and they still haven't started looking for a replacement @@) Anyway, he told them when he finds a new job, he will let them know. In the meantime he will still work and give it his all and if they find someone he will train them. So the goal now is for him to find a job before they replace him and let him go. I don't think that will be that hard, especially given how the company has treated the other vaccancy they have had. But I mean wow. It's all going ot happen. Theoretically I could be giving birth the same time my dh is starting a new job.
I admit, I'm nervous. I'm very nervous. But my dh is not a person who makes rash decisions ... he thinks through all the pros and cons and I trust him to not do anything that would really hurt us in the long run and so I support this move. I'm just still shocked by it. I mean, I guess I knew it was coming, but maybe sort of hoping it wouldn't come now. I'm 31 weeks pregnant and the hormones are pretty all over the place right now.

Aside from that, my oldest is very ill. 104.5 was her fever at 3:00 pm today. Lovely. Normally, I don't get worried about fevers, but yeah, the 104.5 did kind of freak me out. Needless to say, we did go to the doctor as the way she was complaining made me wonder if strep was the dx. But the strep test came back negative, so maybe it's just a flu? Lots of acheness, the fever, the fatigue, etc. She had started to perk up prior to bedtime though, so maybe it's a 24 hour flu ... or at least I can hope so ;-)

And other than that, things are just plugging along. I'm 31 weeks along. 9 weeks to go ... that's not too much time. Although, I'm still banking on 11 weeks to go because I don't think this baby will actually come on time. Everything is still sore and it all still hurts. Baby is as active as ever. But, the good news is that baby is head down right now ... so as long as s/he stays that way, I'll be happy! This baby is also low, but not like the baby has dropped-low. I've been very very fatigued lately. I think I'm going to request iron levels be checked at my next appointment (which happens to be Friday). I did buy some iron pills today. I'll start them tomorrow and see if they help at all. I just feel like I can't function some days because the fatigue is soooo much. Which I know it's normal to be tired now, but this feels like it goes beyond tired. So I'm hoping something can help that out.
I still feel like I have a million and one things to do around the house, so I need to get motivated to have energy to get everything done. I think if I can just get energy back, I can really kick some butt on doing all the things I want to do around here! And that would be such a nice thing =)

Well, enough prattling on from here.


Smoov said...

It sounds like your big girl had the exact same thing the twins had! Really high fever, lethargic, no appetite and thankfully, no strep!

Leslie M. said...

Wow- that's a high fever. : ( It kinda sounds like the viral thing my 5 yod had a few wks ago except her fever wasn't as high as your little one's ..... hoping & praying she feels better soon .... poor lil' thing.

...and prayin' too for your dh's job situation ...and for you & baby, too, of course. : ) Hang in there, girl! = >