Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Blah, blah, blah ....

Thanks for inquiring about the car alarm Sheri! We haven't heard it since the day I complained (thank goodness for that).
I'm going to take a mini-break from the blog for about a week. Hopefully next Wednesday I'll have an update for everyone (you know, all 3 of you who read this ROFL!!). Take care adn see you soon ...

Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Too many things to do ....

Filled in my calendar for upcoming events. Holy cow! I'm tired just looking at it! We have t-ball practice and games from next week till end of july. Ballet and Gymnastics until mid-May. Art until the end of May. My two year old is in some class from now until end of may, and my 5 takes a cooking class starting tomorrow until the end of May! Factor in I teach two sundays a month, I have another work thing coming up, a scrapbooking party I was invited to, a ballet recital, a gymnastics show (both for the 5 year old), several birthdays, the grandparents are coming home in a week.
OMG! Someone please come over and help me out!! I am feeling so overwhelmed right now it's not funny.

Saturday, April 09, 2005

Stupid car alarms ....

Friday, around 3:30 am, the neighbor's car alarm started to go off. The car alarm in general is very annoying. This one was 10 times worse. Maybe becuase it was in the middle of the night and it kept tricking us ... "beep beep beep <2 minute pause> beep beep beep beep beep beep beep <5 minute pause> beep <3 minutes> beep beep <1 minute pause> etc etc"
Sometimes between those breaks I would almost be back asleep and then wham, another beep would sound.
After about 30 minutes they managed to turn it off. We heard htem out there for about 10 minutes ... we think they didn't know how to turn it off and had to spend some time figuring it out. Whatever. They did figure it out. WE went back to sleep.
Yesterday I was speaking to a third neighbor. She never heard the alarm and told me that the neighbor in question didn't have any alarms but could have gotten one installed. So when dh came home I immediately asked him about it, thinking it was all a horrible dream. But no, he said, the car was beeping, and he looked out the window and saw the lights blinking on the car.
So last night rolls around. First of all, I already didn't feel good. Yesterday was not a fun day for me either (the short version: the washer overflood and flooded the bathroom and dripped water through the floor since it's on the second floor). I was tired and wanted a good night's sleep.
At the same freaking time that darn alarm went off again. We waited about 1.5 hours before dh decided to go knock on their door to see if he could offer advice on how to turn it off. He went over there and knocked, and knocked, and knocked ... no one's home. We looked again and saw one of their other vehicles gone.
the alarm went off until roughly 6 am. That is at least when I finally fell asleep. I physically moved to a room in the back of the house and turned on a TV to a music station and it mostly blocked all the beeping. Although, I could barely hear it and 6 am is when I finally conked out.
I am so flipping mad. Why would a car go off two nights in a row at hte same time? If it stopped beeping at 6 am, does that mean the battery is dead? Or if they don't come home until tomorrow, does that mean that tonight at 3:30 am I should just figure on waking up and listening to the beeping again?
I sure hope not. I need my sleep. Seriously, don't mess with my sleep!
I hope they come home today. Dh and I plan on telling htem about their lovely car. Maybe they'll do something so it doesn't go off again tonight. Or else I will grow horns around 3:30 am and it won't be pretty!!!

Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Minivan shopping!

Tonight we stopped at 5 different places to look at mini-vans. We found two that we both liked and were in our price range ... trust me, I found a lot I liked out of our price range too ROFL!!!! ;-)
Anyway, we didn't buy anything. There is also one on e-bay we are interested in. We'll have to decide soon or go out again and look.
It was kind of exciting to be looking for real at these mini-vans. We didn't test drive any of them though, becuase we had the kids with. I suppose the next step will be to leave the kids with someone and for dh and I to try driving them around a bit to see how they feel. I'm excited though ... buying a minivan will happen and it will happen soon! Yeah! And with granny and grandpa coming back and possibly car pooling for events this summer and other things ... this minivan purchase will be just in time! =)

Monday, April 04, 2005

Poor me ....

Today we walked to the grocery store again. My legs still hurt! ROFL!! But it was nice to get out with the kids and get some good exercise!
To top it off, my stomach feels awful right now ... blech. It seems hints of this virus are still traveling around here ... I hope I don't have the virus and my stomach is just off a bit ;-) Maybe it's readjusting to having no acidic pop in it tonight! LOL!

Back to the nice weather today though ... we are just absolutely loving the nice weather, although they are calling for rain later this week too. Ugh. I want to be able to be outside every day now! LOL! Letting the kids run around and play, I get out there and play! The walking is so nice ... I think we may walk over to the library tomorrow. We'll see ... it will be a packed day. My 2 year old has OT tomorrow and then I get to go and meet a midwife tomorrow. I decided it was time to stop procrastinating finding new doctors for us all (since the move and plus my old midwife moved out of state :-( ) But we'll see ... hopefully I'll like them and pick them to be my new ob's (even though they are midwives).
It will feel good to get that off my list. I certainly have too many things on it as it is! So I need to start getting things off of it! LOL!

Sunday, April 03, 2005

Good-bye friend ....

Yesterday I had to end a friendship. I didn't really want to end it, but I had to do it. It is better for me in the longrun that I walk away as I did. But I'll be crabby for afew days while I re-adjust to the change. I can a feel a headache coming along, which is all related to the ending of this friendship. And I'm sure tomorrow I will have many many cravings, but I will try my hardest to not give in.
You see yesterday, I decided to give up drinking pop so much. Maybe one every once in a while, like at a party or at a restaraunt, but certainly not as much as I was drinking before.
But I love my coke. It's so yummy. But yet, so unhealthy for you. And well, it's time ... summer is coming up, I need to start drinking more water.
I can do this. I can do this! And maybe I won't crave it so much and maybe I won't get a bad headache afterall, and I'm sure once I stop all the coke I'll feel mor energy! And maybe I'll even shave a few pounds off becuase of it ... not taht it would be noticable but it would be nice!

Springing Ahead!

Tonight, in about 30 minutes I think, we are supposed to spring ahead. Why then, can't I sleep! I'm going to be one tired girl tomorrow and I have to teach tomorrow and go to a children's birthday party! Not a good mix for a tired person. Hopefully I'll get through the day beautifully and I'll just go to bed early tomorrow LOL!
I did actually take a small nap from about 8:30 to 10:15, so that is why sleep is not coming right now. My body is ready to play after it's little rest LOL!

Speaking of calendar things ... I forgot about April Fools Day (which was Friday). That is I forgot until my dad called and told me had had been in an accident, but consoled me that even though his truck was badly damaged, he was okay. I almost cried and then he told me "April Fool's" with the sounds of about 5 other people laughing in the background! I admit it .. he got me good! LOL!
Later on in the day I called me dh at work and told him I was pregnant. He just said "Oh. Okay. We can talk when I get home." And didn't really have much emotion either way ... it kind of took the fun out of telling him that! Oh well .. LOL!!

Anyway, hope everyone else remembered to "spring ahead" ;-)

Saturday, April 02, 2005

Oh dear ....

So I think I've mentioned before that I'm currently in the process of trying to break out of my little world that I had created, a world in which I only say things that I think are perfect and happy and never reveal anything bad about myself.
I've really been working hard to say what I am thinking, to say what I mean, without sugar coating it or rewording it to make it sound nicer, better, but usually resulted in something that isn't close to what I want to actually say.
So I've really been trying for sometime to come out more and be myself more, instead of this perfect person I envision.
And I knew it was coming, I just didn't know it would come now or come from this source, but it happened. I was asked today if I pregnant or something else was going on becuase I seem so sensitive as of late.
Seriously, why is it that when I speak my mind it must be something hormonal or because something is wrong? Why it can't it just be that I spoke my mind for once? See, comments like this make me want to run back to that protective wall I built up and go back to the fake person I was before. Becuase I hate comments like that. I hate getting them. I hate thinking about them. I just hate them. I wish I could avoid them. But alas, I know I can not. And even more important, other people have noticed the change ... and instead of asking me if I was pregnant or if something was wrong, they have actually made positive comments to me. I will hold those comments dear and near to my heart and instead of turning and running under a rock somewhere, I won't do it! I'll continue to speak how I really feel. And well, I guess, if some people would like to think that it's becuase something is wrong, then they can! But they wrong, because right now there are a lot of things right, and it's taken me time to get to this point! And I'm not backing down now! LOL!