Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Minivan shopping!

Tonight we stopped at 5 different places to look at mini-vans. We found two that we both liked and were in our price range ... trust me, I found a lot I liked out of our price range too ROFL!!!! ;-)
Anyway, we didn't buy anything. There is also one on e-bay we are interested in. We'll have to decide soon or go out again and look.
It was kind of exciting to be looking for real at these mini-vans. We didn't test drive any of them though, becuase we had the kids with. I suppose the next step will be to leave the kids with someone and for dh and I to try driving them around a bit to see how they feel. I'm excited though ... buying a minivan will happen and it will happen soon! Yeah! And with granny and grandpa coming back and possibly car pooling for events this summer and other things ... this minivan purchase will be just in time! =)

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Sheri said...

Have fun!! I love my minivan. Part of me always wanted a big SUV, but when it came down to it I realized my gas expenditure would increase as well as my insurance...so minivan it is!!