Sunday, April 03, 2005

Springing Ahead!

Tonight, in about 30 minutes I think, we are supposed to spring ahead. Why then, can't I sleep! I'm going to be one tired girl tomorrow and I have to teach tomorrow and go to a children's birthday party! Not a good mix for a tired person. Hopefully I'll get through the day beautifully and I'll just go to bed early tomorrow LOL!
I did actually take a small nap from about 8:30 to 10:15, so that is why sleep is not coming right now. My body is ready to play after it's little rest LOL!

Speaking of calendar things ... I forgot about April Fools Day (which was Friday). That is I forgot until my dad called and told me had had been in an accident, but consoled me that even though his truck was badly damaged, he was okay. I almost cried and then he told me "April Fool's" with the sounds of about 5 other people laughing in the background! I admit it .. he got me good! LOL!
Later on in the day I called me dh at work and told him I was pregnant. He just said "Oh. Okay. We can talk when I get home." And didn't really have much emotion either way ... it kind of took the fun out of telling him that! Oh well .. LOL!!

Anyway, hope everyone else remembered to "spring ahead" ;-)

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