Monday, April 04, 2005

Poor me ....

Today we walked to the grocery store again. My legs still hurt! ROFL!! But it was nice to get out with the kids and get some good exercise!
To top it off, my stomach feels awful right now ... blech. It seems hints of this virus are still traveling around here ... I hope I don't have the virus and my stomach is just off a bit ;-) Maybe it's readjusting to having no acidic pop in it tonight! LOL!

Back to the nice weather today though ... we are just absolutely loving the nice weather, although they are calling for rain later this week too. Ugh. I want to be able to be outside every day now! LOL! Letting the kids run around and play, I get out there and play! The walking is so nice ... I think we may walk over to the library tomorrow. We'll see ... it will be a packed day. My 2 year old has OT tomorrow and then I get to go and meet a midwife tomorrow. I decided it was time to stop procrastinating finding new doctors for us all (since the move and plus my old midwife moved out of state :-( ) But we'll see ... hopefully I'll like them and pick them to be my new ob's (even though they are midwives).
It will feel good to get that off my list. I certainly have too many things on it as it is! So I need to start getting things off of it! LOL!

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