Friday, November 04, 2005

Long week ...

This has been a long week for me. I don't know if I have a cold or if it's the pregnancy or what, but I feel like crud. I have been throwing up again :-( When I'm not throwing up, I just feel naseous anyway. No food tastes good, nothing settles my stomach. I have huge hot flashes and then all of a sudden I'll be freezing and then back to feeling like I'm standing in a fire.
I talked to my pcp, she said she is a bit worried because when I was there last week my blood sugar was quite low so she told me to modify my diet to raise it and keep it more steady. And hopefully that will help the way I am feeling. So I guess starting today I will be watching what I eat a lot more carefully - not that any food sounds good to me anymore right now though.
Tomorrow dh and I are supposed to go shopping for baby things that we need, so that will be done. Hard to imagine that on Monday I will be 35 weeks along! That's pretty darn close ... 5-7 weeks to go. Yikes! Next Friday I will get my ultrasound to see babies position since they aren't quite sure and one thinks baby is breech (I don't think so though!) But if baby is breech, then we will schedule the version which means baby could theoretically be here in 2-3 weeks. That's really soon. I don't know if I'm ready ....
Other than that, we are just plugging along each day. My oldest completely finished her Awana book for the year and is so proud of herself. I'm proud of her too ... lots of things she memorized and she can say about 95% of them still (which I was worried that she would memorize them for the one night and then forget them, but that seems to not be the case).
My youngest started a park district class this week and is so proud of herself and loving it. I think it's cute =) And I'm glad she is enjoying it.

And here is my dh's new website:
We have spoken to a few people who are actually making money now too so that is good news. We have both tried the X2O now and it doesn't taste bad or gross or yucky! I use one sachet a day myself ... I figure if anything it's worth it to me for the calcium alone. Since I don't drink milk, I gotta get it in other places! LOL!
Anyway, like I said, we'll see what happens with this ... of course I want it to work because then I get a big toy that I want ;-) Teheheeh!

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