Monday, December 20, 2004

This week ...

I'm supposed to work on the way I percieve things. Most natably, how I think everything is extreme, important, urgent, and a huge, tremendous catastrophe waiting to happen.
It's sounds easy, right? It isn't. Well at least not to me it isn't. It will be really hard to do! I will struggle with it a lot.
Everything seems really big and huge and just off the scale to me. If my child coughs, my first thought is that it is a life-threatening illness that will test the resove of the entire family. I can't cross a bridge without picturing going over it. A small snowstorm in the forecast really means an extremely dangerous blizzard is coming and we will be trapped in our homes for weeks and weeks on end. Every little noise and sound means something is breaking, the entire house is going to fall apart right around me.
It's laughable when I read it! And if someone else actually voiced those to me, I would probably laugh too! I would say something like "Okay, really? How many blizzards do you remember that left you trapped in our house for weeks? See, no need to panic. Just relax. So we'll get some snow. It might come donw hard for a few hours, but think of all the fun you can have playing in it when it's done!"
I'm good at knowing the right things to say to most people. The problem of course is that I don't know what to say to myself. If I could figure that out I would be a much saner, nicer, calmer person!

Speaking of big catastrophes though ... my 2 year old has a low grade fever at bedtime. Of course her sitter on Saturday was severly ill when we returned (I do not exxagerate here - 105.2 temperature, violent shakes and throwing up) so yes, I'm a bit worried. Really though, the chances of that happening to my dd is very slim. And chances are she has a little bug, the one a lot of people have, and she won't get as bad as our cousin did Saturday night. Not to mention that our cousin is feeling much better today already, she's just tired. So even if my dd did catch it from babysitter cousin, she will be okay in the end and I just need to calm down and not even worry about it unless the fever climbs or she worsens.
See ... I'm trying to do my homework! LOL!

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