Thursday, December 30, 2004

Resolutions ... again

Yesterday I reviewed last year's resolutions. Now I must make some for the new year. This will be hard. Since we are not living in our own home, we do not have the freedoms we had before. And this is more than just resolutions per se, but more of a to do list for the entire year. Not to mention, I want my list to be reasonable, not some ultra-high standard I could never live up to! And this year, I have to remember to occasionally check the list LOL!
*Finish A's baby book (100%)
*Start M's baby book (100%)
*Finish Disney scrapbook (50%)
*Go to bed earlier (50%)
*make puppet stage for kids (75%)
*Organize some distinct spaces in basement for us (25%)
*drink more water (50%)
*gossip less (30% LOL!)
*read more (60%)
*label pictures (80%)
*journals for kids (25%)
*worry less (25%)
*relax more (25%)
*get wallpaper off the walls (100%)
*less time on the internet (20%)
*work out a few times a week (20%)

There you have it ... I might have to revise this page over the next few days though as I work all this out in my mind! I really do put way too much effort into this!

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Tracy said...'ve inspired me to make my own list. Actually you and a couple others inspired me, this year, to start keeping my own REAL journal. I write in it far more than my blog. You can do it Brandie!! I have faith in you :-)