Friday, December 10, 2004

Just Another Day

Just another day.
Soon Christmas will be here! I'm sooo not ready for Christmas it's not funny. I think this year I will celebrate mid-January instead. I'll give everyone mid-January presents, send out some winter cards and make snowflake shaped cookies!
Oh who am I kidding, I still wouldn't be ready by then so I might as well just go along with this whole Christmas thing.
I'm skipping things this year that I normally do every year, most notably the baking of about 2 million cookies. Maybe a dozen or so here or there, but doing two million is out of the question. I also think I will start working on Christmas '05 in about a month so that I don't get so crushed next December. Of course, I said that last year too ... and look where I am today!
Anyway, I just can't beleive it's December already, and it's almost mid-December. Tomorrow we have 2 Christmas parties to attend - one in the am and one in the late afternoon. It sounds fun, but I can only guess the kids will be way out of control after the second party! It will be a long day and they are both rebounding from illnesses.
Oh well ... my dh told me yesterday I needed to start finding the silver lining in things, so I guess I should just think about all the fun we will have tomorrow ....

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