Friday, December 17, 2004

Dragging my feet ...

I don't know why I named this thing "Skipping Along!" I rarely skip along, I'm really much better at dragging my feet, procrastinating, and feeling tired!
I am supposed to be doing a million and 2 things right now. And I sit here. On the computer. Reading message boards. Reading blogs. Typing here.
My 2 year old is running around naked from the waist down. I just hope when the urge hits, she will go to her potty chair instead of peeing on the floor.
My 5 year old is upstairs playing. She got one of her Christmas presents (from aunt & uncle) and opened it last night and absolutely LOVES it. I might as well give up because I will never top it LOL! Kidding .. I'm sure she will love everything she gets.
I should be: doing laundry, cleaning, hiding things (for the party here next week), finish decorating for Christmas, finish making the gifts I have not yet finished making, and only 20 more minutes until lunch and still no clue what we'll do for dinner tonight.
Sometimes I wish I could pause life around me, but I wouldn't be paused, so I could just do all that needed to be done and then life would continue as normal! I used to watch a show where the girl could do that. She would touch her fingers together and everything would stop. She could bring people out of that "pause" by touching them. Sometimes I wish I could do that and unfreeze my husband. Then maybe we would get a few minutes to talk to each other! Between his crazy work schedule and the kids, we don't have much us time these days. But we'll survive. And the holidays are almost over! Thankfully!

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