Thursday, December 23, 2004

48 hours and counting ....

Until pretty much absolutely everything must be in place for Christmas. AAAAARRRRGGGGHHHHH!!!!

Still on the to-do list:
- make 2 aprons
- wrap up 2 aprons (along with the one box of tastefully simple that goes with each apron).
- wrap up dh's gift for his family exchange
- wrap up my gift for dh's family exchange
- wrap up my gift for my family's exchange
- wrap up 4 presents for Christmas morning
- pack to leave on Christmas day for 3 days
- wash all floors
- dust living room
- put out last of Christmas decorations
- move all toys in the living room to basement
- hide everything I don't want anyone else taking
- do all the laundry
- not go crazy!

I have decided - along with my dh, we are in agreement on this so hopefully that means we will function as a team - that next year we will be much more organized, we will be ready sooner, and there will be no last minute rush for us. I sure hope we can stick to it. I have all my lists from this year saved, so that should help. I think next year I want to do more homemade things, so I will start planning those much earlier in the year. I would like to have everything ready by Thanksgiving so I can actaully enjoy the season, instead of trying to get through it.

On another note: it will be so cold here the next few days we are under some winter weather advisory for freezing temperatures. What that means, basically, is that when I get to my mom's house for her party on Friday, it should be roughly -13/-14 degrees with windchill (only 0 degrees without windchill). What it means is that they are telling people not to go outside unless they have to. And if they go outside, to dress appropriately and cover all exposed skin areas. What that means is that is beyond freezing here, and I won't be leaving the house other than to attend the party, and I'm even rethinking that LOL! I don't want to go out and freeze my 2 kids. I HATE COLD WEATHER. AND I HATE THAT I'M NOT READY FOR CHRISTMAS YET!
But other than that, most things are good around here ;-)

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Mel said...

Hang in there. It's almost over! :)