Thursday, December 30, 2004

All dressed up ....

and nowhere to go!
Not entirely true. I was invited to a tea party. I was informed that this is a tea party in which you must dress up for (a skirt or a nice shirt).
The party is taking place at my kitchen table, whenever my 5 year old is finished setting up.
She is currently changing into her party dress.
I changed into mine. I decided to go all out for her. I put on a formal dress I wore to my dh's work party when my 5 year old was 2 years old. Surprisingly, it still fits! Maybe not quite as nicely as it did back then .... but it still fits!
My dd was so excited when I got dressed! I don't think she thought I would actually do it. But, I figure what the heck. We've nothing else to do today. So I got all dressed up! And I'm ready to go to her tea party ....

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