Wednesday, December 22, 2004

I would like to ...

erase this day completely! Okay, not completely. Everything until 3 is good. Then not until about 8ish would I like to remain in my memory. Luckily enough for me, it will probably be that way in a few years (I hope so anyway!)
We celebrated Christmas with my parents/sisters today. The gift giving/exchange was a lot of fun. I made my mom cry with my gift ... not that I meant to mind you, but well, I'm sure her emotions are on overdrive right now. I think she would have cried if I had brought her a piece of paper that said "Merry Christmas Mom!" on it!
My children were happy. They recieved toys that they couldn't wait to get into. As a matter of fact, the oldest one cried when she found out she couldn't open her gifts becuase instead we needed to get home (only arriving here 107 minutes past bedtime). I got my first ever Coach purse today. I am very proud of it. I also got a small thingy to hold a license and a few other cards but not much else to go into the Coach purse I got. And I got a Coach Scarf. Now I just need a coat to match the scarf that matches the Coach purse I got today! LOL! My purse is brown/cream, so I think a tan or brown coat will do. I still, however, want my black pea coat though - yes, I just want. want. want.
Now it is 1:30ish in the am. Tomorrow I will have 3 extra children here. I am considering inviting neighbor boy to come over as well. Only because him and my oldest and one of the extras tomorrow get along so well. That and I might need to ask neighbor mom to babysit one day for me, so I'm racking up time if I can LOL!
[note: I need time becuase I am about to start the process of major dental work. Pretty much I need a filling in just about every tooth and a crown on a couple of them. But once we get all the decay gone I should have a pretty nice mouth overall. Now that I've left the quack-dentist that is!. end note.]
So I've been looking up some ideas to work with them tomorrow. I think if I mix some crafts and activities with just letting them play on their own (in the basement only though as the rest of the house should remain as untouched as possible by all the monsters ... I mean children), that it will work out nicely. Just enough so they don't get bored playing alone, but not too much that they want to run away from the craft table screaming! LOL!
We'll see if I survive this. Dh will be home for part of the day. That will be helpful, I think. Sometimes though, he unknowingly interupts the flow of our day and actually makes it harder to get things done. We'll see what happens. Needless to say tomorrow will be an intersting day ...

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