Sunday, December 19, 2004

Counting down the days ...

Until Christmas that is! There is still so much to be done for the holidays. But once the evening of the 24th passes, life will slow down very quickly! I still have 1/3rd of my Christmas cards left to send out I did however finsih one of the things I was making (a bag for my mil). Only 2 things left to make (originally there were 6 to make, but I cut out 3 of them LOL).
Tuesday we will do gifts with my parents and sisters. Then Thursday we have Christmas Eve at my mom's house (with her entire family) and then we come back home becuase my husband's family is going to have Christmas here! Dh will stay here the entire time. We are responsible for the ham and beverages and that is all - unless you count having the house decorated, cleaned and ready for them to all be here. So I will be neurotic all week worrying about this and that with regards to the house. I will clean it like I've never cleaned it before. I will dust everything thoroughly, sweep, mop, blah, blah, just so the house will look clean for a few moments - that is until everyone else gets here and messes it up, provided my little monsters, err, children don't do it first.
I hope I can survive it! I did survive last night, so I know I can survive this LOL! ;-) Now we just have to see if I can get through the next week ... dentist on Tuesday, babysitting 2-4 kids Wednesday, big party here Friday, having to wake up early Saturday, rushing through presents that Santa left, and then driving 5 hours to another party, sleeping in a hotel and then waking up Sunday and driving another 3 hours to go to an indoor water park. Oh yeah, that is the part that I am looking forward too! LOL! =)

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