Thursday, December 16, 2004

Checking the news ...

And saw this: Why We Sleep -- Dec. 20, 2004 which reminded me that last night I promised I would go to bed at a decent hour tonight (and it's already way past a decent hour!) and 2 why am I paying for a subscription to Time when the main article is right there for me to read free? Hmmm ... food for thought.
Back to the sleep subject .. I know why I sleep. 1) I feel tired 2) I'm crabby if I don't and 3) If I tried to pull an all nighter right now, I'd literally get sick to my stomach!
I'm happy with that knowledge. I don't need to read about all the neurons and the REM patterns and the non-REM patterns (which funnily enough, I knew a lot of that stuff in the article a few years ago so it was all old news to me - which again makes me wonder why I pay for it! LOL!). Anyway, maybe I was supposed to read this article about how my reaction times would drop if I stayed up for 24 hours and continue to drop after that .. that isn't helpful for me. I don't often stay awake for 24 hours. I often wake up at a normal time and stay up way too late, and then get not enough sleep. I have no scientific basis for this, but I'm assuming most Americans do what I do and not often stay awake for days on end, so I would like to see an article about how depriving yourself of sleep, for even an hour or two a night, over a period of time will affect me!
Maybe, just maybe, if I read that, then I would go to bed at a normal time one of these days! LOL!

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