Monday, December 13, 2004

Scott Peterson ...

The verdict was just announced.
I'm kind of stunned, but also I'm kind of not. I figured they might come out with the death penalty.
I just don't get how we can say "killing someone is wrong, but if you kill someone we'll kill you back." I just think that killing period should not be done - whether a jury decided to do it or a crazy madman does it.
Mind you, I'm not trying to debate here, or preach, this is just how I feel. But I do believe it is wrong to kill - anytime, anyplace, anywhere.
I'm sure though Scott will never make it that far. My guess is that there will be appeal after appeal after appeal - that he will have appeals going for many years to come. It would probably be easier to just give him a life-long sentence. Now, not only will he be in a jail cell using my tax dollars, he will be clogging courts up as well: judges, da, they will have to transport him to and fro I'm sure.
I have to say though, I'm glad I was not on the jury. I wouldn't want that job in a million years; not this case, not this trial, not with this publicity. I will serve a jury should I get called and picked becuase it is my duty I feel, but I can say I do not envy anyone sitting on the jury that had to decide these very difficult decisions.

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