Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Awww ....

My dh went shopping with our oldest child tonight after dinner. When they arrived home he came in the house and told me "you child would like to see you in the garage."
But he said it with a tone of voice that implied something had gone wrong. Maybe she was upset and refusing to get out of the car for him? Maybe she was crying because he didn't get her something she wanted at the store. It was 15 minutes past bedtime and maybe she was just over-tired and needed a mommy hug. So I walked in the garage where she yelled "Stop. Don't come any further. Close your eyes."
I did as I was instructed. A few moments later, after hearing her footsteps coming to me, I was told I could open my eyes again. There, my precious child stood, holding a bouquet of flowers that she had picked out just for me.
:::sniff, sniff:::
Dh says the idea was 100% hers. She asked on her own to pick out flowers. She picked them out. And she gave them to me.
I am so touched.
How on Earth did I get the best children in the entire world? I'm sure it's not becuase I "earned" it, but I sure do appreciate it!

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Tracy said...

What do you mean not because you earned it?! You must've done something right woman...take credit for those wonderful girls!!! You DESERVE IT!!!!!!! And earned it :-)