Sunday, January 30, 2005

Weekend Update

Yesterday we made the trek downtown we had been hoping to take last weekend!
We all had a great time. The children's museum is huge, even though it looks small on the outside. We didn't even have a chance to explore the third floor and there were other areas we missed on the other two floors. The girls really had such a fun time though. Dh and I had fun playing around with them too.
We came home and discovered our first shipment of Netflix movies had arrived ... I signed up for the trial on Thursday and was surprised to see them already! Finally, I can say I've seen a few movies that were released within the last 3 years ROFL!! I think we are definitely going to keep the Netflix subscription up. Even my 5 year old was excited, as Ella Enchanted was in the first shipment! Dh and I like that we don't have to drive anywhere. Needless to say, I went a little overboard and have 60 movies in my queue for them! I just can't believe how fast they came to us (although they were shipped from a town less than an hour away, so it is nice that it's so close!)
So, really, yesterday was just one big family day! The four of us hanging out, having fun, enjoying each other's company!

Today has been a work day for dh. He ran errands this am, and has been scraping wallpaper for a long time. He's on the high stuff (so on a ladder) and on the wallpaper part that is nearly impossible to remove. Basically he will have a lot of drywall to patch up there! I'm too clumsy to be allowed on the ladder while it's on teh stairs, so I am exempt from scraping up there! I did paint the bathroom. It's a nice shade of blue. The trim still needs to be painted, and eventually the sink will need to go becuase it does not look good with the blue! ROFL! But that's all in good time! I think my dh is making good progress on the entryway though. We called the grandparents to tell them and they were excited! We are also getting some of their pictures reframed .... the matt has stains on it (from acid and humidity or something like that). So we had someone over here today to get estimates and all that jazz. They are also excited we are doing that becuase they knew it was time to change them. It will be nice. They are going to come home to a very different home come May! But it's good that all the changes they wanted to make in the house are finally getting done. I know, especially, grandma has been anxiously awaiting all of these changes!

Aside from all of that, life is pretty much the same old around here! The next two weeks will be completely crazy though, so I'll take some of the same old for before that craziness comes!

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Smoov said...

We have a children's museum here in Atlanta that is awesome, totally worth the membership fee =)