Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Tid bits ...

Well, it could always be ... worse.
Why do we say that to each other?
Yeah, I know ... we say it in the hopes that the person we are speaking to will recognize it and feel better about their own situation.
But, I know my own personal opinion is that I HATE hearing and I think I'm not alone in that.
If it were up to me, I would eliminate the phrase. I always want to say "Yeah. I know it could be worse. But I don't care. It's still bad to me."
I would instead replace the phrase with "You're right. Things could be better. I'm really sorry you are going through a rough time right now and I will pray (or hope or wish or whatever) that it does indeed get better for you soon." Because it is true things could be worse, but you know what else? They could also be better. Even if you think it's the best now, there is always room for improvement. So I think we should acknowledge that more.
Someday, when I'm queen, I will ban that phrase! But until then, I will have to learn to live with it right, cause after all, it could be worse right?! ;-)

Sew many things, sew little time ... On a totally unrelated I sold my first sewing thing today! I'm so excited! Hopefully someday I will sell number 2 and 3 and maybe even more! It was a bag I made for someone. It has a pocket on the outside for her to slip catalogues into. She sells things and wanted to have the catalougues visable at all times. I think it's so cute and I really did do a good job on it! Usually I have one big screw-up when I sew something, but not this time. Probably because I took my time and didn't rush since it was for someone else and not me! LOL

I'm not dying afterall ....
For the last two nights after diner , I have felt like I was dying. Being a good and courageous wife, I did not inform my dh of this issue last night. I cleaned up as normal, help put the kids to bed as normal, did my normal nightly routine, and then was in anguish most of the night (I didn't fall asleep until after 3 am despite my best efforts to sleep much sooner). But this morning I woke up fine and I figured it wasn't really something deadly I was suffering from and I would be okay. That is until after dinner tonight. When it returned. And tonight I couldn't be brave. My 2 year old was a pill, my 5 year old was demanding, and my husband didn't even get home until over an hour past bedtime (so I didn't get a break from the kids until it was bedtime). So tonight when he came home, I laid it on him thick. I'm in pain. It hurts. Something is wrong. You need to make it better.
So he started to ask me about it. I told it happened two nights in a row after dinner. I told him I thought my stomach was broke and it was going to blow up. I even had him press on my stomach - becuase it was huger than normal and hard and so painful! I told him it was pressure, such horrible pressure. And that is when he informed me that I was suffering from gas. What? That can't possible just be gas! I feel like such a dork! I have never had gas like this before, and I sure hope it never happens again.
The good news is that my stomach is not going to explode and I'm not dying. The bad news is that dh might not enjoy sleeping next to me tonight ;-)

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Tina said...

I am really glad you aren't dying!

I really like your idea on the phrase...I'm going to work it in...