Thursday, January 06, 2005

Tired out ...

I just feel so tired today. Of course, it would make sense to go to bed now, but here I am! LOL! Hmmm ... what was I saying yesterday about computers? just teasing ...
I did a lot today, but it doesn't really show looking around the house. Tomorrow will be another busy day - most of the day will be spent running around to several different stores. The kids and I might go out for lunch, I'm not sure though. We'll see how the errand-running is going!
Saturday I will also be out of the house pretty much all day ... from about 10:30 to oh, 6ish. I am honestly not looking forward to it!
I am not one of those people that craves getting out once a day. I would be content only going out maybe twice a week. I like being home. I feel safe and comfortable at home. I just like being home more than I like being out. I do enjoy getting out every now and then, but going out all the time doesn't excite. Actually, going out too much makes me feel a little nervous! But I will get over that soon enough! Next week we kick into overdrive. This is how our life will look until about April/May-ish
Monday: A art class 10-11; M and me parent/tot ballet 12:45-1:15
Tuesday: M OT 11:15-12:15
Wednesday: M PT 8:45-9:45
T: A gymnastics 11-12; A ballet 4-4:45; A awana 7:00-8:30

Yeah, Thursdays are going to be rough days around here. Thankfully, Fridays are pretty open. But, if it doesn't work out, we will just drop something.
Also starting in 2 weeks, The kids start another class on Tuesday. It will be for both of them and me all together. That should be really the fun one!

Okay ... now I am just rambling on and on ... I'll stop until tomorrow!!

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