Saturday, January 22, 2005

Snow Day ...

We are having a snow day here! I think the snow is done for now - although they are forcasting some squalls running through the area tonight with the chance of another 4-6 inches! Right now we probably have a good 10 on the ground! I love it.
We went sledding with the kids. We lasted a full 15 minutes! The wind was whipping though and even though it wasn't cold, when that wind hit, it sure felt cold!

Anyway, we think tonight we are going to pull out a bunch of candles, cuddle under a big blanket and read some stories before bedtime just by candlelight! A is excited about that! We've also decided that soon we will go "camping." And by "camping" I mean dh setting up a tent in the living room and sleeping in it for a night ... in the safety and comfort and warmth of our own home. Now that folks, is my kind of camping! LOL!

But really we are just having a lounging, relaxing, nothing-to-do kind of day around here. It's nice. I am enjoying it greatly. I feel like we ran around all week long and then yesterday I babysat 2 kids (unexpectedly) so even though we weren't out, things got hectic in. So I'm going to enjoy my time relaxing and just sort of hanging out and trying to enjoy my family just because they are them!

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