Thursday, January 27, 2005

Long day ...

a good day, but a long day! Thursdays are always our longest days, but we survive.
I think they will continue to be our longest days for about 3 months to come.
Between gymnastics, ballet, reading lesson, Awana stuff ... we had the 2 neighbor kids over. The baby is I want to say around 9 months old ... so much fun! I haven't chased around a crawling baby in a while, and it of course it made me long for a baby even more than I already do! Of course, I do beleive the cramps have started. Bummer!
Other than that, a slow day around here. I should have probably done some laundry, but tomorrow we have no where to go, so I'm kind of piling up a lot of things in the house for tomorrow (just as I did last week, and I will probably begin to do more often!).
I ordered so more things for my 5 year old today ... some workbooks and other things that I think she will have fun with and actually learn with! We'll see when they arrive.

Just another ho-hum day around here really!!

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