Wednesday, January 19, 2005

First lesson ...

done! And surprisingly enough I believe my 5 year old actually did pick up on quite a few words during her lesson! She will have to do lesson 1 probably a lot more times, but that is okay by me ... I am just excited she tried it and enjoyed it and even maybe learned a few words! Yeah for my five year old .... (just in case I'm talking about the Rosetta stone software we invested in recently).

Today we all had dentist appointments too. My children passed with flying colors. My 5 was nervous ahead of time, but of course both kids did fantastic. Of course the bad news is that my 5 has an underbite (which has been very obvious for sometime so hearing it wasn't the shock) and my 2 has an overbite basically from sucking her thumb. It is getting worse overtime. Both children will require orthodontics ... my 5 possibly as soon as next year. Blah ... just more money to pay yet another specialist. But it is worth it. I suppose it won't be too long before she knows that her mouth closes in a much different way than other people's mouth.

My fillings went well, but as always, my jaw hurts tremendously. It will probably hurt for a few days. And in two weeks I will be back to get some more work done on the my mouth. And after that I will be free to see the orthodontist regarding how much my jaw hurts. I really hope and pray there will be a way to fix this. I am so tired of almost always having jaw pain. It gets old after a while, and obviously it just plain hurts tremendously. I am so excited that I can start to work on fixing it. But I have a sinking feeling that it will probably start to hurt more before it gets better. I certainly hope not, but these days, I am not counting it out!

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