Thursday, January 20, 2005


Well, I thought I was going to get one of the bags finished today. Probably not anymore.
So around quarter to 4, my 2 year old fell down the stairs. Not really fell down. She kind of fell backwards and down. She was only on the 2nd/3rd step and it was like in those commercials where someone falls back into a bed or a pool or something like that. Except she fell back onto the tile floor in front of the front door. The back of her head went bam against the tile.
And she cried. And then she was consoled by me. And we played the 20 questions game
Me: What's your name? She answered correctly.
Me: Who am I? Her: You are mommy.
Me: Where are we? Her: In my bedroom.
As she answered the questions correctly, I felt better. We piled into the car to go to ballet lessons. We being my 5, my 2 and my 4 year old cousin. And as I'm putting her into the car I see that her nose is bleeding. So I called her doctor just to see if I should be watching for anything else. A block away from ballet I am told to get her straight to the ER. Do not wait, do not think anymore about it, just go.
Problem 1: I have my 4 year old cousin
Problem 2: I don't know where a hospital is around here yet.
Problem 3: I am freaking out completely!
So I drop off 4 year old and call dh as he walks me through directions to the hospital. On the way there she falls asleep. Which of course I start thinking that she has now officially passed out and imagining the worst case scenario.
Thankfully we get to the hospital she wakes right up, and wouldn't you know it, she's laughing, skipping, playing, talking with the doctors - acting better than usually does!!!
Turns out in addition to the fall, she had a cut in her nose! That is what the blood came from! They still kept us for 3 hours just to make sure that she was okay.
She does have a very big bump on her head. I feel badly :-(
I wish she hadn't fallen, but I am so grateful that it was minor and she is okay. But, boy things got very scary for me for a while.

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Mel said...

Scary! I'm glad she's fine and dandy!