Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Shoot me now ...

We do this every year. We do it several times a year. And yet, it never gets any easier or fun or enjoyable.
Today we cleaned out the toys. So it consisted of dumping a bunch of toys on the floor of the living room and sorting through them with a 5 and 2 year old.
I have to give the 5 year old credit. She does do a good job of getting rid of some of them. But she never picks as many as I would like to see. And then she has a hard time packing some of them back up. We don't have a ton of room here for toys, nor do I think my kids need all their toys available to them at every minute!
But we did it. We are getting rid of a good amount of toys. We took 4 boxes of toys nad put them down to 2. Well it was probably more like 2.5 - it's still hard to tell because we are not completely finished.
Now we have a pile of toys in the living room and a pile of toys in the basement. Our next step is to put them away - hopefully in an organized fashion.
We could probably get rid of some more toys if we pushed ourselves. But it's hard. I want more children, so I can't just toss everything my two have grown out of. And some came from certain people or came for certain reasons and it's hard to part with them.
I think for now, we did pretty darn good with this elimination round. There are still some more boxes in storage. So soon, we will be playing an elimination round again! But I hope it's a few weeks before dh brings home another round of boxes.
It was hard enough to sort today. And we are taking a break between the sorting and the putting away becuase the kids were at their limits, and i insist they help put things away - mainly to teach them where to put them away in the future!
Anyway ... I'm glad the sort is over. I'll be more glad when everything is tidied up and put away! LOL!

And oh yes, I have been drinking my water today! Yeah ... I haven't given up yet LOL!

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