Tuesday, January 18, 2005

I lied ...

I did not quit for the day.
Instead I pulled out on of my dh's Christmas gifts and played around with that.
He asked for, sort of out of the blue, the Rosetta Stone Spanish level one and two. So, Santa brought it to us Christmas morning as a gift for the entire family. I thought my 5 year old would benefit from watching that mom and dad struggle with new things, since often she gets very upset when she doens't know how to do new things right away.
But anyway, here it is January 18, and he has yet to use it. And it is expensive. I think he should have started using it December 26 considering the price (although I was excited I got it for 30% off). Not only was I anxious for him to use it, I was anxious to see how it worked ... so tonight I got it and tried it.
I have to say, I'm a bit impressed. Although, there is a speaking part and I will not have to bug him to get our computer a microphone!
I'm not so sure my 5 year old will get it, but I still intend to let her play. You just never know with these things. I like how it doesn't say boy - nino. It just says nino. Forget about trying to translate words, just learn them IMO!
I think that tomorrow I will let my 5 year old do a lesson or two and see where it goes. I am hoping my osmosmis maybe my 2 year old will pick some up. She has an amazing ability to repeat just about anything you throw at her, so I think it will be funny to hear her repeating things she has no idea what they mean! LOL!
We'll see ... now that I've seen what it is like ... I will be pestering my dh to get it out and use it himself! I had really hoped it would become an activity for him and 5 year old to do together, but I have my doubts about that happening. Oh well ... if I could get both of them using it , maybe eventually they will begin to use it together.

On another homeschooling front, there is a homeschooling conference for IL taking place about, oh, 15 minutes from my house! I can not wait to attend ... it's in March. I have my registration ready to go I just have to pick activities for my 5 year old. During the parent parts, they have kids parts too - which is nice for me because I don't have to worry about finding a sitter. They even have a daycare spot that my 2 can go into, although she is invited to stay in my seminars if she isn't loud. I don't want to risk it though, so I'm signing her up for it ... besides she will have way more fun that way. I am also volunteering to help out with the kid activities for one time slot, instead of taking seminars through all of them. I figure, someone else has to do it for my kids, so it's only fair that I do it for someone else. But I'm excited ... several seminars are just what I need ... one is about laws in this state, which can be confusing at times. Another one is about how 6 adn 7 year olds learn ... since my 5 will be 6 in October, I think that will be a great one for me. And another one all about preschoolers ... perfect since I have a 2 year old! There are so many things to pick from though. I'm excited about it.

On top of all of that, there is a science fair, to be judged by real scientists. I am waiting for the packet to be e-mailed to me but I am 99% sure my 5 year old will be entered into it. How exciting I think! Not many 5's by me have the chance to be in a science fair so I'm hoping this will be a positive experience for her!

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Tina said...

How fun to learn Spanish together! I think that will be a good activity for all of you. You should hear us working on our Mongolian over here...you probably think I am kidding, but I'm not...