Sunday, January 30, 2005

I love ...

Please, allow me to be a commercial for them for one entry!
I signed up Thursday. Thursday night actually ... like around 9 pm.
Saturday my first 3 movies came. Quick! Very quick! 2 for the adults, one for the whole family! Loved it!
We have watched all 3. 2 will be sent back tomorrow (Stepford Wives and The Day After Tomorrow). We are keeping Ella Enchanted for a few more days per 5 year old's request. And that's fine! I don't mind at all!
I can't remember what is coming next on the queue, but I'm so excited. I know, it's not really hard to get to video store to rent movies. But a) I never think about it and b) it just seems so hard to get back to the video store before the movie is late. Yeah, when it first came out, I too thought, how lazy must people be that they need movies delivered to their door? But, I get it now! I understand. It's so nice. They just appeared Saturday. I didn't have to bundle up the kids, go out, see what was left, they just came! And I like the queue feature. I can load up as many movies as I want in there, and they will just keep coming. I can request it as soon as I think about it.
Well, I love it. And I would imagine on Thursday I will be recieving 2 movies for the ones I am returning tomorrow. It is possible they will come Wednesday becuase the zip code is one day from us and dh will have it picked up in the am. And then on Tuesday we will return the other movie so maybe there will be another movie waiting this weekend!
This is so nice. I think it's worth it. Even if it's just 2 hours worth of enjoyment of movie time. It will be nice. I hate that dh and I never see movies. And well, now we can! YAY!

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