Friday, January 28, 2005

Our very first ...

loose tooth! My 5 year old has her very first loose tooth! This, of course, is a HUGE deal in our house. It's all she could talk about from about 4 o'clock on. Four o'clock is when she realized just how loose the tooth was. So of course, there was a lot of jumping up and down, she wanted to tell everyone what was going on and she pretty much couldn't stop touching it! She told us she wasn't going to be able to go to sleep becuase she couldn't leave it alone ... although, I'm pretty sure she is asleep now!
It's so cute watching her and seeing how she is reacting to all of this! And as a parent, this feels like a pretty big milestone to me too! Seeing her first step, hearing her first word, watching her learn to read, and now, my baby is losing a tooth! I just can't beleive it.

Other than teeth news today, I played more hands of Old Maid than I care to admit to. These hands were made even more interesting when you discover most were with my 2 year old child! She's pretty cute with it all too! She is able to find a card's match when you isolate one card. So basically, we pass out the cards, I find the pairs she was dealt, and then we play. The funny part is that she always picks from the same spot on my hand: the first card on the left! Then she finds the match, which requires a few squeals of delight and it's mommy's turn. Sometimes she wants to help by just handing me a card, but slowly she is picking up on how it is actually played! It sure is interesting playing Old Maid with a 2 year old! But fun none the less.

Dh is priming the bathroom right now - the same bathroom we had to scrap the wallpaper off, patch, sand and now prime, all because granny wants it painted blue! But, I agree with her - it didn't look so hot with the old wallpaper, and I am glad to see it go! His goal was the bathroom by the superbowl, and I think he will get it! The entryway still has far to go, but we'll get there!

Can't really think of anything else to say ... no big questions to ponder, nothing to rant about, nothing to sigh about ... I suppose that is all good really. The worst thing is that a good on-line person is leaving AOL. That is a bit of a bummer. I will miss her, and her witty comments! Good thing she keeps a blog (which is by far more interesting to read than mine) Today also happens to be her birthday ... so stop on by and give her well wishes! Actual Unretouched Photo

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