Sunday, January 30, 2005

Replying to comments ....

I was asked this morning "why do you want to have a baby? don't you live in someone else's house? can't wait until you can manage living on your own?"

Why do I want a baby? Because I don't feel my family is complete. Neither does my dh for that matter. We are both in agreement that it is time to enlarge the family.
Don't I live in someone else's house? Yes, I do.
Can't wait until I can manage living on my own? First, I could manage living on my own today, should I want to move. Secondly, yes, I could wait until I move. And maybe I will, and amybe I won't. But being able to wait and turning off the desire are two different things.

I'm not living where I am today because I couldn't live anywhere else. We are very capable of moving out today and surviving pretty darn well. Things would change, money would be tighter, that is true. I live where I live not just for me, but also for the owners of the house - who happen to be relatives, elderly relatives, relatives who love their house but are not able to maintain it they way it needs to be and they way they would like to see it. They have owned this house for 35 years. They have many memories here. They do not wish to downsize simply because of their age. And hence, we are here. We are hear to help with the cleaning and the maintenance and to do the fixer-upper projects they wish they could do themselves.

Anyway, just wanted to clarify I guess.

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